Summary: A Christmas Message


God doesn't allow things to happen without a reason. He controls the things that happen around us. Jesus was born in a stable, wrapped in swaddling clothes, Laid in a manger, and The shepherds were the first to hear about His birth. If Jesus was the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. (and He is). If God controls and directs the things in this world (and He does). Then I have a lot of questions. Why wasn't the King of Kings born in a stable instead of a palace. Why didn't the God who controls everything provide a room in an Inn. If you will allow me a few minutes I would like to try to explain how God answered my question using His word.

Luke 2:1-18

This tell us the true Christmas story

Why was Jesus Born in a stable?

The quick answer is-there was no room in the Inn, but I think it goes much deeper than that.

The sacrifical Lamb was special because it would allow a person's sin to be rolled forward for a little while. He was chosen and taken care of. It had to be the best of the best. God sent the best lamb He had to die for the sins of the world. Where else would this lamb, destined to die, be born except in a manger.

Why were the shepherds the first to hear about the birth?

God could have sent the angels to proclaim this marvelous event to the city that was crowded with people from all over, but instead He sent His angels to some sheep herders outside of town. They were told of the birth of the Lamb, the same as they would have been told had it been an actual lamb prepared for sacrifice. When they heard they left the sheep to see the wonderful scene they had been told about. They then proceeded to tell everyone else what had happened. The shepherds told God's story to the world. God still sends His message through the shepherds who stand in the pulpit Sunday after Sunday. They are inspired to preach what God lays on their heart and they proclaim it to a lost and dying world. In John 21 Jesus told Peter to feed my sheep three times. He was a shepherd, and so are ministers today.

Why was He wrapped in swaddling clothes?

My understanding of the swaddling clothes is simple. They were a poor persons rags that were torn into strips and actually wrapped around the babies arms, legs, body, and head to prevent the loss of body heat. The bible makes special mention of them and the angel told the shepherds they would find the baby wrapped in them.

Isa. 64:6 tells us that our righteousness is as filthy rags. Jesus took on the filthy rags of our sins as He hung on the cross. In His birth he was wrapped in dirty old rags to give us a sense of the reality of our sin.Jesus didn't just bear our sins on the cross, but was wrapped in the filthy rags of our sins.

Why was He laid in a manger?

Jesus answered this Himself in John chapter 6 when He told them I am the "bread of life". The manger was a feeding trough for the animals. Jesus came into the world to save the world but He also promised to provide all our needs. That doesn't mean He will give us everything we desire, but we will have all we need. Not only did He die for our sins, but Provides us with every need. He is the bread of life and all who trust in Him will never thirst. Jesus was laid in the feeding trough but became our bread.


In conclusion we should remember what the first Christmas was all about. It was about the Lamb of God, born in a stable, The shepherds spreading God's message, The bread of life laying in a manger, and The rags of our sin wrapped around the Savior of the world.

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