Summary: Follow these 11 steps and failure is guaranteed.

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Here is a Plan to fail or Fail to Plan and Fail anyway?

Wade Martin Hughes, Sr.

I ponder today the terrible enemies that we face. Our enemy is out to steal, kill, and/or destroy every church, family and individual he can.

Our enemy is not "alive and well," he has a terrible, terminal disease, called CALVARY. I have read the BOOK, I know the enemy loses.

Our enemy wants us to fail, then he would laugh. We must avoid the path toward failure. God has a plan, we must overcome failure. Consider some aspects of our enemy’s strategy. Avoid failure. God has a better plan.

Our enemy gets us to fail because we don’t have a vision. We fail to plan for ahead. What will be will be? This is not true. We can help mold the days ahead by keeping a good attitude, choosing our words carefully, refusing to listen to the negative. No one plans on failing, rather people fail to plan and thus failure follows.

We need a strategy of creative use of conflict. You will become a product of your daily choices.

#1 The path toward FAILURE: INVOLUTION.

The pride and self-centeredness that grew in the enemy of God, must be avoided at all cost.

The crown of thorns is a powerful lesson of


The crown, so cruelly put upon our Saviors head

exposes -- SELFISHNESS.

A thorn is an "INVOLUTED LEAF." Involuted means

wrapped up in itself. The thorn never gives to the

plant. It does not give photosynthesis, it does not

contribute, because it is all wrapped up in it’s


Involution is a step toward failure. To avoid

failure we must GIVE and bloom to reflect the Love

of Jesus. Our focus must see beyond the end of our


#2 The path toward FAILURE: KILL TIME, WASTE TIME. Eph.5:16, Col.4:5. Both of these verses say, "REDEEM THE TIME!"

I understand redeem, because my momma saved S&H

Green Stamps. We licked the stamps, filled a book.

We looked in the WishBook, and redeemed the stamps

with a gift for us.

Psa. 90, David says, Lord, teach us to number our


The average person only uses 10% of their brain?

55% of our time is productive,

15% of our time involves personal needs,

30% of our time is wasted.

We are headed towards death at 60 minutes an hour,

1440 minutes a day. What you love you will find time

to do?

Where you spend your time will tell a lot

about you?

He that kills time kills himself?


Mat. 6:33.

Some things in life are worthless and you can spend

all your time and energy, and when you have spent

all, you have nothing. Life can be a pocket with

holes? What is important?

#4 The path toward FAILURE: QUIT WHEN IT GETS HARD! Gal. 6:9, 2 Tim. 2:3.

God never promised an easy, down hill road.

Even dead fish can swim down stream?

Any life that is used of God must learn--- I am not

going to quit. ---

Learn to thrive in battle.

Develop a warrior mentality.

Expect obstacles, but realize you and God can find

the solution to any problem.

Learn to love the test, the test is an opportunity

to show you have studied. We need new commitment.

#5 The path toward FAILURE: DEVELOP A LOSING ATTITUDE. Phil. 4:13.

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