Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Keys to healthy self-reflection and review your life accomplishments and influence


A. The Old Testament Contains Hundreds Of Prophecies Regarding Coming Messiah

1. Many of the prophecies are very descriptive of His nature or mission

2. For example…

a. in Genesis – “Seed of a woman”

b. in Isaiah 53 – “Wonderful Counselor”, “Mighty God” … etc.

B. Isaiah 49 Contains A Most Unfamiliar & Unusual Depictions Of The Coming Christ

II. “A Polished Shaft”

A. (Isaiah 49:2) “and made Me a polished shaft…”

1. Speaking of the shaft of an arrow

2. Hold up an arrow as an example

B. “Polished” – not just any shaft, but one that’s been

1. Especially selected & prepared

2. Purified, polished, brightened, tested, proven

C. Significance Of This Title For The Coming Messiah

1. Polished = free of any dirt or rust that would create resistance after it’s been released from its bow – it won’t drift off course but will hit its intended target with pinpoint accuracy

2. God the father is the archer – picks up His divine bow and releases or shoots His son into this world

3. The “polished shaft” hits its target – pinpoint precision

III. A Subtle “Complaint” From The Messiah? (Read verses 4-6)

A. Messiah Seems To Complain, “Is This It? There Must Be More For Me To Do.”

1. Indeed God the Son existed (as part of the Trinity) from Creation & before

2. Indeed the Old Testament is filled what some have described as subtle pre-incarnate appearances of Christ

3. Indeed the work of each part of the Godhead is important

B. But For The Most Part, The Work Of The “Son” Might Seem Less Broad (Not Less Significant) And More Pin–Pointed (Narrow or Briefer In Terms Of Time and Space) Than Perhaps The Work Of The Father Or Holy Spirit

1. His most obvious mission lasted 33 years

2. Or more specifically 3 years

3. And at it’s heart the 3 days (Crucifixion to Resurrection)

4. Which at its core was the 3 hours of suffering on the cross

5. Which climaxed in the 3 seconds or so when He yielded His spirit

B. Compared To The Timeless Eternal Work Of The Rest Of The Trinity

1. Christ’s work was very much pin-point specific in time-space

2. Very short

3. Like a polished shaft – sharp shooting this one specific task at one specific moment in time – space history

C. God The Father Offers A Corrective Observation To The Son’s “Complaint” (vs. 6)

1. Your mission is not just narrowly confined to restore and reconcile Israel

2. It is also to be a light to the Gentiles – to reconcile them too

3. It is further “That You should be My salvation to the ends of the earth”


A. From Time To Time, Each Of Us Evaluate Our Lives & Contributions We Make

1. Typically the older we get, the more we do this

2. In the mid 1900’s Psychologist Eric Erickson detailed this

3. He described stages of development each human goes through

a. Infant (Trust vs. Mistrust) - Needs maximum comfort with minimal uncertainty to trust himself/herself, others, and the environment

b.Toddler (Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt) - Works to master physical environment while maintaining self-esteem

c. Preschooler (Initiative vs. Guilt) - Begins to initiate, not imitate, activities; develops conscience and sexual identity

d. School-Age Child (Industry vs. Inferiority) - Tries to develop a sense of self-worth by refining skills

e. Adolescent ( Identity vs. Role Confusion) - Tries integrating many roles (child, sibling, student, athlete, worker) into a self-image under role model and peer pressure

f. Young Adult (Intimacy vs. Isolation) - Learns to make personal commitment to another as spouse, parent or partner

g. Middle-Age Adult (Generativity vs. Stagnation) Seeks satisfaction through productivity in career, family, and civic interests

h. Older Adult (Integrity vs. Despair) – REVIEWS LIFE ACCOMPLISHEMENTS, deals with loss and preparation for death

B. Each Of Us Will Sometime Go Through What God The Son Went Through

1. His “complaint” shouldn’t surprise us (after all, wasn’t He to be tempted in all things, yet without sin?)

2. As we review our life and influence, each tempted to think negatively or minimize what we’ve done or accomplished – flirting with despair

3. There’s a need for each of us to look back and have a healthy sense of integrity (not despair)

C. What God The Father Said To His Son

1. Avoid comparing your work with that of the Father or Holy Spirit

a. while each is inter-related and supportive of each other

b. each is unique and different

2. Avoid minimizing your role – “…too small a thing…” (vs. 6)

3. Avoid forgetting

a. don’t forget – you will also be a light to the Gentles

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