Summary: As we consider Jesus,there are no visible portraits of him left for our viewing. However, there are numerous verbal portraits of his character and conduct that’s found in THE WORD OF GOD

Hebrews 1:1-2 (KJV)

1 God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets,

2 Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds;


A Portrait Of Jesus


A portrait is a picture of a person that is drawn, painted or photographed from life.

A portrait is a description or a dramatic portrayal of a person.

As we consider Jesus,

there are no visible portraits of him left for our viewing.

However, there are numerous verbal portraits of his character and conduct that’s found in THE WORD OF GOD

The verses of our text before us reveal

Jesus as the eternal Son of God in order to encourage us readers of the book of Hebrews to not give up.

And the Hebrew writer opens by declaring God’s concern for man by revealing to us


Because When Jesus came on the seen he closed the greatest communication gap the world has ever known.

Before Jesus God spoke at different times by different means.

He spoke through dreams, visions, parables and whatever way necessary at the time.

In Jesus, God spoke fully, clearly and firmly.

In other words

Jesus is the greatest spokesman God has ever had or ever will have.

Because The same God who spoke earlier in the prophet now speaks through his Son.

And God has always been active in man’s life revealing himself.

It was God who took the initiative in the revelation because man was moving away from God rather than toward God,

yet man needed to hear what God had to say.

For that reason God showed his love and grace

By first of all speaking to man through his prophets in different ways at different times.

But his greater demonstration of his love and grace is God providing Jesus as a spokesman.

That’s why the Hebrew writer wants us to be encouraged during a time of conflict and crisis.

And The best way for us to be encouraged is to hear the voice of God through his Son, Jesus Christ.


But not only does the Hebrew writer tells us about God`s Spoke man but the text also reveals to us about God `s Son

Oh my Brothers and Sisters

The recipients of this Hebrew letter were faltering in their faith.

Because of the extreme persecution they were experiencing.

Therefore God lifted up his Son as a Source of encouragement.

And the reason why is

God’s Son holds a different relationship with God than that of the prophets.

The prophets were related to men by nature but the Son is related to God.

And ushered in what is called the "Messianic Age".

This is the time of the coming of the Messiah.

The prophets talked about it but Jesus brought it.

The prophets pointed men to salvation but Jesus brought salvation to man.

God spoke to man because of the value of the soul.

And wanted his work of salvation to be as clear as it was possible for it to be.

There was no one who could make things any clearer than the one who was to provide it.

This was the reason for God to speak through his Son.

The Son of God can make the message of God personal and practical.

It is also important for us understand "in these last days". Is now

Because Once Jesus has returned there will be no more chances for salvation.

So the last days are now, the time when Christ is still speaking and providing salvation and not judgment.


Well not only does the text reveal to us how GOD SPOKE TO MAN and GOD`S SON but the text also reveals to us GOD`S AGENTS IN CREATION

The Hebrew writer wants us to know that Jesus was more than a preacher and teacher.

He was more than a healer.

He was to be looked upon as the omnipotent, omnificent Son of God.

because we as children of GOD need to know that Jesus is able to master any circumstances in our lives.

If Jesus could bring order out of chaos in the beginning,

He can certainly restore order in the lives of us who are

Experiencing persecution trials tribulations and trouble.

And since Jesus is in control of our destiny

And you do know he can and will provide for our every needs.

You see my brothers and sisters when you have JESUS

You got the one who

Nourishes us when we are hungry

Consoles us when we are rejected

Blesses us when we are afflicted

Encourages us when we are discouraged

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