Summary: God gave us John the Baptist as an example on how to have a powerful witness.

Text: Matthew 3:1-17

ETS: This passage details the early ministry of John the Baptist.

ESS: God gave us John as an example of a powerful witness.

OSS: God’s people will be effective witnesses.

PQ: What are the characteristics of a powerful witness?

UW: Characteristics

Title: A Powerful Witness

I. The lifestyle of a powerful witness (vv1-17)

A. He gives a verbal proclamation of the Gospel (v1)

B. He was bold with his proclamation (v2 & vv7-12)

C. He knew who he was (John 1:19-23)

D. He fulfilled his ministry (Luke 1:13-17 & 3:1-6)

E. He was not like everyone else (v4)

F. He is not afraid to confront sin amongst God’s people (vv7-12)

G. He always points others to Jesus (vv13-17 & John 3:22-30)

II. The Message of a powerful witness (vv1-17)

A. There is a need for repentance (v2 & Luke 13:5)

B. Christ is coming (v3 & Revelation 22:20)

C. Religion does not save (vv7-9 & 2 Corinthians 3:5-6)

D. A day of reckoning is coming (vv10 & 12)

E. Jesus is the way (vv11 & 13-17)

F. Baptism is important (vv13-17 & Romans 6:3-5)

III. The influence of a powerful witness (vv1-17)

A. They reach their area with the Gospel (v5)

B. They impact their government (Mark 6:17-29)

C. They are praised by Jesus Christ (Luke 7:24-28)

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