Summary: Setting Your Heart on Being a Priest and Intercessor in This World

A Holy Designation

Setting Your Heart on Being a Priest and Intercessor in This World

Rev. Sean Lester

Sun., May 25, 2003

Text: Hebrews 5:9-10

and, once made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him [10] and was designated by God to be high priest in the order of Melchizedek.


A. God calls people out of the world to enter the priesthood of believers through the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the invitation to enter the society of disciples. Peter, James, Andrew, and John are examples of how this takes place.

B. The call is not the same as the designation. The anointing for service came upon you when you were filled with the Holy Spirit after believing the preaching and devoting your life to serviced for God. That was God’s promise to the disciples after commanding them to remain in Jerusalem. (Acts 1: 5,8)

C. After receiving the anointing, a process begins which we call sanctification. You devote yourself to understanding the Bible and become practiced at obeying the commands of God. Apollos had to study and learn before he was sent to minister. The disciples had to go through jail and threats of beatings. “He who suffers in the flesh has ceased from sin.”

D. We see in Jesus’ example that the process of sanctification leads to perfection, which means that we can become a source of salvation and receive the designation of priests and intercessors in our world. What does that mean you will become?

I. One who has been perfected can lead people to salvation in Jesus Christ.

A. At Jacob’s well (John 4) Jesus not only convinced the woman of who He is, he convinced a whole town to believe in Him.

B. Philip, being chased out of Jerusalem in the persecution, led the Ethiopian treasurer to faith in Jesus Christ.

C. Peter convinced thousands to believe on Jesus in just one sermon, and then the Centurion’s whole family later on.

D. Paul convinced people in every city he went, and put pastors in place to create churches.

E. Somebody convinced you, where was it? At home? In a church? In Sunday school?

F. I am not talking about a fine sounding argument, but a conviction that the person should change their way of life, become part of the church. This is true conversion.

Transition: The pain of sanctification leads the faithful believer to be a soul-winner, but not only so, a priest designated by God to intercede for the believers.

II. One who has been perfected can function as a priest among God’s people.

A. Priests are entitled to wear the “perfume” of worship.

B. A priest is able to pray for the sinner and find forgiveness from God.

C. A priest can pray for and receive healing for the believer who comes to him.

D. A priest is responsible for teaching the people to remain clean. (The priest as teacher, Sunday school)

E. A priest can pray for and receive atonement for the sins of a people. (Help people).

F. The priest gets to dwell in the place of worship and minister there, day and night if necessary. (The church is the place of peace and acceptance).

G. The priest challenges the hypocrite who presents themselves as holy, but do not keep faith. (Numbers 5:21)

H. The priest helps people make decisions according to God’s commands for righteousness. (Counseling).


A. The life of a priest is wonderful! I am speaking of professional clergy, but I am speaking to you. You may work in the glass plant, but that is where you will call people out of the world and into a life with Christ. You are the true evangelist.

B. The reward for perfection is many spiritual children that you will teach, encourage, challenge, discipline, and see become mighty people of God.

C. I look for the day when my true reward will be given to me by Jesus Christ. The words “well done” are all I need to hear, but Christ will give kingdoms and responsibility to those who have been perfected. The joy will be mine, because the ones I will be with will be the ones I brought here.

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