Summary: A reminder that God promises strength for each day

A Promise for Everyday

Deuteronomy 33:25

Tonight for a little while I would like us to ponder the promise in the text


1. It has no direct relation to the past — no power of retrieval and


The past is the past and there is nothing you can do to change it

Negligence is negligence, and no spiritual formula that can change it

This only may be done: if lessons are learned from what has happened

2. It does not bring us into any immediate connection with the future.

Who hasn’t at some time or another looked at what was before was before them and said how am I going to make it through it

Whether is was a hard week

Starting a family

Raising children

Managing finances

Here comes to us tonight the promise of strength

The promise comes to us as we approach a new year

We look around us and see the success of those around and it seems that we are making very little progress and having very little success and we say to ourselves why not give up

What’s the use?

Why not throw in the towel

This promise comes to you today

We must first get a good idea of the depth of our own weakness, before we shall be able to comprehend the value of this rich and exceeding precious promise.

have ye not proved your own weakness in the day of duty?

The Lord has spoken to you, and He has said, “Son of man, do this or that and you have gone to do it, but as you have been upon your way, a sense of great responsibility has overcome, and you have been ready to turn back even at the beginning, and to cry, “Send by whoever you will, but not me.”

And reinforced by strength, you have gone to the duty, but while performing it, you have at times felt your hands hanging exceeding heavy, and you have

had to look up many a time and cry, “ Lord, give me more strength, for

without your strength this work wont be accomplished; I cannot do

it myself.” And when the work has been done, and you have looked back

at it, you have were filled with amazement that it was done at all by weakling as yourself

We prove our weakness, when we come into the day of suffering.

It there is that we are weak indeed.

It is one thing to talk about the furnace; it is another thing to be in it.

It is one thing to look at the surgeons knife, but quite another thing to feel it. The man has never been sick who does not know his weakness, his lack of

patience, and of endurance.

3. Again, there is another thing which will prove our weakness,

if neither duty nor suffering will do it — namely, progress.

Let any of you try to grow in grace, and seek to run the heavenly race, and make a little progress, and you will soon find, in such a slippery road as that which we have to travel, that it is very hard to go one step forward, though

remarkably easy to go a great many steps backward.

This promise comes to you to encourage you as you face daily battles

Rest assured that new struggles and new battles are going to come

There are days dark with sorrow, when a man must sit alone under

God’s hand.

And the strength is not mere endurance.

There is a kind of endurance of all the trials and ills of life, to which a man can become accustom too.

He may not die under them, but he comes out of them with no increased capacity for action, for comfort, for hope.

The strength promised will not only turn off the edge of calamities, but will make us more than conquerors over them, and turn their power into a tributary to our own enlargement.

What makes this promise significant is whose promise it is

The promise is only as good as the one who made it ability to deliver

It is the promise that God made to His friend

Many times people have made promises to us and have not kept them

Then we have to deal with the trust issue

Heart issue

And it keeps happening over and over again

But the one who makes this promise is faithful and able

One writer writes

1. This is a well-guaranteed promise.

There is enough bullion in the vaults of Omnipotence to pay off every bill that ever shall be drawn by the faith of man or the promises of God.

Now look at this one “As thy days, so shall thy strength be.”

God has a strong reserve with which to pay off this promise; for is He not Himself omnipotent, able to do all things?

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