Summary: My series continues based on Max Lucado's book Just Like Jesus. In this sermon, we learn that having a pure heart begins with praying for one, and then continues with the necessary weeding and seeding.

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A. How many of you would consider yourselves to be a good gardener? Do you have a green thumb?

B. Here’s a little piece I found called “Top 8 Things I Have Learned About Gardening.”

#8. Nothing ever looks like it does on the seed packet.

#7. Whichever garden tool you want is always at the back of the shed.

#6. The only way to ensure rain, is to give the garden a good soaking.

#5. Weeds grow at precisely the rate you pull them out.

#4. Autumn follows summer, winter follows autumn, drought follows planting.

#3. The only way to guarantee some color in the garden all year round is to buy a garden gnome.

#2. Grass won’t grow in the yard, but you can’t keep it from growing in the cracks between the patio stones.

#1. When weeding, the best way to make sure you are removing a weed and not a valuable plant is to pull on it. If it comes out of the ground easily, it is not a weed.

C. I don’t consider myself much of a gardener, but I want to use gardening as a backdrop and metaphor for our lesson today.

1. Suppose you came over to visit me one day at my house and you found me working in my greenhouse (Of course, I don’t have a greenhouse, but let’s pretend).

2. I show you around my greenhouse which you notice is very nice, state of the art, perfectly suited for growing things.

3. You ask me what I’m growing and I tell you that I’m growing some of the finest flowers and fruits you can imagine.

4. Then you ask me where I got the seeds, and I tell you that I just went out into a field nearby and stripped the seeds off of all the weeds that were growing there – crab grass, dandelions and thistles.

5. You look surprised and ask, “If you want to grow the finest flowers and fruits, don’t you think you should be planting flower seeds and fruit seeds?”

6. Then you are dumbfounded by my answer, I say, “Do you have any idea how much those seeds cost? And besides, I would have to drive to a store to get them. No I decided to take the cheap and easy route.”

7. You walk away mumbling something about me not being the sharpest knife in the drawer.

D. Everybody knows that you reap what you sow, right.

1. We know that if you plant pumpkin seeds, you don’t get peppers.

2. If you plant dandelion seeds, you don’t get daffodils.

3. Yet strangely, what we know when tilling the soil, we forget when cultivating the heart.

E. I want to suggest that our hearts are like greenhouses.

1. Like greenhouses, our hearts are perfectly suited for growing.

2. Just like in a greenhouse, the soil of our hearts must be carefully cultivated and the seeds must be carefully chosen.

3. Let’s imagine that our thoughts are like seeds.

4. Just like seeds, some thoughts become flowers and others become weeds.

F. So if the heart is a greenhouse and our thoughts are seeds, shouldn’t we be careful about what we sow?

1. Shouldn’t we be selective about the seeds we allow to come into the greenhouse of our hearts?

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