Summary: 1. Unrealistic Hope 2. Genuine Hope 3. Demonstrated Hope 4. Our Hope

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Hal Lindsey

"Man can live without food for 30 days.

Man can live without water for 3 days, Man can live without oxygen for 3 minutes.

But man cannot live without hope for 3 second.”

- WOW! That’s some statement

- “Hope Again” - Charles R. Swindoll

-"(Hope) is something as important to us as water is to a fish

- As vital as electricity is to a light bulb

- As essential as air is to a jumbo jet.

- Hope is basic to life

- ....Without that needed spark of hope, we are doomed to a dark, grim existence.

- How often the word "hopeless" appears in suicide notes.

- …. Take away our hope, and our world is reduced to something between depression and despair

- ....hope is more than wishful thinking.

- Suicide is born out of a profound sense of hopelessness

- Hebrews 6:18–19 (AV)

18 That by two immutable things, in which it was impossible for God to lie, we might have a strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us:

19 Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast, and which entereth into that within the veil;

- The two immutable things (unchangeable things) God's promise, and God's oath.

- Not only did he promise, but he swore an oath.

- In Abraham's culture, an oath meant you would kill yourself if you broke it.

1. Unrealistic Hope

Ro 8:24 … hope that is seen is not hope …

- Never think about hope in everyday routine

• You don’t think about hope going out to start the car

• Opening g the fringe to get the jug of milk

• The Pew you’re sitting in will hold you

- You don’t expect none of these to be tampered with

- All of these you have had an experience

- Hopelessness was what Judas experienced when he hung himself

- “Hope” Is not something that might happen by chance.

• I hope the my team will win their game today,

• I hope that it won't rain tomorrow

• I hope that I will win the lottery this time

- Biblical hope is not wishful thinking. Just the opposite

2. Genuine Hope

Ro. 8:25 … we hope for that we see not …

- Based in genuine trust

- Having experience & knowledge of the one who gives us hope

- Biblical hope is the farmer who plants the seed.

- He will cultivate, water, weed & expect

- Women seeing the Dr. “Your pregnant”

- A Girl with her hope chest

- The Pregnant mother – Family prepares

- Announcement made, ultrasound shows, name chosen, nursery readied

- All based on hope

3. Demonstrated Hope

- Noah building the ark

- Ab. going to a new home

- Israel applies the blood to the door

- Rehab hangs a scarlet cord

- Ruth leaves to go with Naomi

- Gideon’s torch & trumpet

4. Our Hope

Rom 8:24 We are saved by hope …

- Jesus gives us the ultimate hope

- What was not expected was the resurrection

- Confirmed by Jesus himself

- Affirmed by the witnesses

- Demonstrated by changed lives

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