Summary: The 2nd reason so many churches are dying! (Holiness doesn't mean ISOLATION!

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: “Holiness doesn’t mean isolation!”

One problem with man’s denominational teaching is that HOLINESS in many churches and groups means stay away from them sinners! The only way sinners can see Jesus Christ is through the Church (The Body of Christ). The local church is a part of the larger body of blood washed believers. Sinners can only see the light of Jesus Christ through US. Now I am not saying Christians should go to bars and nightclubs…BUT we do have to interact with sinners! Jesus went to places where people congregate. I remember many of my fellow preachers telling saints they shouldn’t go to bowling alleys, teens shouldn’t play sports, and saints don’t go swimming! These are in some people’s minds what “holiness” is all about!

True holiness means we are set apart for God’s use and purposes. God’s highest purpose is that we influence people to accept Christ! I don’t think you can do that locked up in your church 7 days a week with black suits, long wool skirts, and doilies on your head! I used to witness on the streets of Song Tan City in Korea, there were nothing but bars, nightclubs, and whorehouses in this sin filled town. Many professed “Spirit-filled” Christians would warn me about going downtown. They would tell me it was dangerous and that there was too much temptation there. I believe the awesome power of the Holy Ghost is MORE than enough to protect us while we minister to sinners!

I have led prostitutes, Moslems, drug addicts, and drunks to Jesus Christ in some pretty dangerous places. The Holy Spirit was given to us to insulate us from the World, much like an astronaut’s suit protects him on the Moon. If you stand up in church and brag about how Spirit-filled you are in one breath, and in the next you say you are scared to be around sinners, guess what? You might not be as Spirit-filled as you may think. The Holy Spirit is not just for “shouting” and speaking in tongues! He is the third person of the Godhead. His job is to bring glory to Jesus the Messiah. We need Him to help us live a sanctified life, and our sanctification is so we can win sinners. Sinners are supposed to be drawn by the Christ IN US! Greater is He (The Godhead – see I John 5:7) that is in us, than He (The Enemy) that is in the world! We are walking Temples of God! Remember the Old Testament Temple? God’s presence would fill the Temple as the people of God offered sacrifice unto God. Well today Jesus is our once and for all sacrifice. Holiness churches are locking themselves in just like the Amish and the Mennonites. We are supposed to be an influence on the world. You cannot influence someone you are avoiding. Jesus was out in the workplace, in the marketplace, in the wilderness, in the mountains, in the Temple, and yes in the company of prostitutes and tax collectors. Jesus did NOT sin while hanging out with sinners…and you don’t have to either. The power of the Holy Ghost is MORE than enough to help you stay saved (Jude 24 and Romans 8:32)

We can believe God for new cars, healing, new jobs, and house but we don’t believe He can keep us saved in an evil world! Daniel and the 3 Hebrew boys WERE NOT Spirit-filled, yet they resisted the world and influenced those around them! We have a MUCH BETTER covenant than they did! Jesus EXPECTS us to mingle with sinners from day to day, and influence THEM! Stop being a coward and GO into the highways and hedges! No one in your community will get saved because you go to “Mt. Zion AME Baptist Fire Baptized Primitive Holy Nazarene COGIC” every Sunday. They will get saved if you talk to them about Jesus and become a part of their lives!

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