Summary: The psalmist begins this segment with the impacting word- "forever." With it God's Word is lifted above all the changes of time, above all the changes of life, above all the temporary & transient of earth, to the transcendent eternal of heaven.

PSALM 119: 89-96 [The Ministry of The Word Series]


[Matthew 24:34-35 / Psalm 90]

The psalmist begins this segment with the impacting word- "forever." With it God's Word is lifted above all the changes of time, above all the changes of life, above all the temporary and transient of earth, to the transcendent eternal of heaven. What ever goes on in or outside of our life, we are held by the Word of God. God's Word is eternally certain and has been established for all eternity.

Not only is God's Word is settled in heaven, it is attested by His faithfulness (vv. 89-91). The Bible, God's Word to us, not only provides principles that stand forever but it gives delight (119:92,174, 1:2;), it gives life (v. 93), and it provides protection (vv. 94-95) to those who study and obey it. As the Psalmist meditated and obeyed God's Word [Law], it established him and enabled him to win the victory (vv. 92-95) as it revived and saved him. He concluded that God's Word is boundless (v. 96) in its value.

The psalmist made some wonderful affirmations, which if heeded, will anchor us to the eternal and enable us to be used of God during these turbulent times in which we live (CIT). Let's use the following outline to guide us [Lamedh]:

I. An Eternal Word, 89.

II. A Faithful Word, 90-91.

III. A Reviving Word, 92-93.

IV. A Saving Word, 94-96.

As the battles of life rage, the psalmist has one confidence, that God's Word is forever settled in heaven. Verse 89, "Forever, O Lord, Your Word is settled in heaven."

This is the central verse in the longest chapter in the longest book in the Bible. It is one of the great verses of the Bible. It conveys the amazing news that the Word of God (the theme of Psalm 119) has existed from eternity past and will continue to exist forever in the future. It was settled in the mind of God before the world was created then conveyed over time to men who wrote it down for us (Hebrews 1:1). ["Word" is dabar, "settled" is natsab, lit. "made to stand" i.e. unalterably fixed.]

Life on this planet is filled with flux. The one thing of which we can be certain is change. Beyond earth, however, is heaven. Beyond time is eternity. Beyond change is the changeless promise of God. Thus the psalmist turns to God's Word and finds the stamp of heaven upon it. It is the one absolute for his life. It is settled in heaven because God Himself has given it to us and it will be fulfilled by Him. [Williams, Donald. The Preacher's Commentary Series, Vol. 14: Psalms 73-150. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Inc, 1989, S. 364.]

When the US CONGRESS convenes each year, Senators and Representatives reopen debate on how to deal with the nation's social and political problems. Throughout the year, more and more laws are passed.

I wonder at the growing mountain of laws. It's sometimes hard to understand why we need to add and change laws so often.

Our government's law-system contrasts greatly with God's system of moral standards. Although the Bible includes ritual and dietary regulations that no longer apply to us, it also sets forth universal truths that never change. As David said, "Forever, O LORD, Your Word is settled in heaven."

Everything God wants us to know and how He wants us to conduct ourselves has been clearly spelled out for us. And God's truth must not be amended, voted on, or vetoed.

Our lawmakers may be doing a important task, but they can never give us anything as valuable as the Lord's permanent statutes. And we can do no better than to live by the settled Word. [JDB. Our Daily Bread] In a changing world you can trust God's unchanging Word.

Ever since Satan asked Eve, "Indeed, has God said..." (Gen. 3:1), the enemy has been attacking the Word of God. Atheists, agnostics, philosophers, scientists, and garden-variety sinners of all kinds have ignored the Bible, laughed at it, and tried to do away with it, but it still stands. Though born in eternity, God's Word is rooted in history and speaks to every generation that will listen. The Word is "founded forever" (v. 152) and will endure forever (v. 162, Mt. 24:34-35). Build your life on the Word of God and you will weather all the changes of life! [Wiersbe, Warren. The Bible Exposition Commentary. Job-Song of Solomon. David Cook. 2004. Colorado Springs, CO. p. 323.]


In verse 90 a godly man expresses confidence in the trustworthiness of God's Word. "Your faithfulness continues throughout all generations; You established the earth, and it stands."

The Word of our God is faithful and true. God's faithfulness is something we do NOT have to worry about… it is ALWAYS going to be there for us! Out of His faithfulness [ emunah] God will perform His Word in His season. So He promises that as the rain waters the earth and produces fruit, "So shall My Word be that goes forth from My mouth. It shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it" (Isa. 55:11).

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