Summary: This series details the "messy" people and events that surrounded the birth of Christ. 1 of 3.

Our topic will be “From a Hot Mess to a Holy Miracle”

- A Scandalous Beginning

- A Shameful Birth

- A Startling Truth

Last week we looked at the bloodline of Jesus to see that he was related to some notorious people:

1) Tamar – Played the prostitute

2) Rahab – A prostitute who helped the Lord’s army

3) Ruth – Moabite woman

4) Bathsheba – Had affair with King David

The Messy Conception (Mary’s visitor: Luke 1:26-38)

- Teen girl who is pledged to be married

- She had kept herself pure for her husband to be (one year requirement)

- They were not allowed to be alone together or live in the same house, but considered

legally married

- Angel visits. (Mary is favored by God)

- She is told that she will be the mother of Jesus

- Jesus is the Son of God and will reign forever

- The child will come from the Holy Spirit

- She then shares the news with Elisabeth

- How would she explain it to anyone else?

The Messy Conception (Joseph’s decision: Matthew 1:19-25)

- His soon to be wife is pregnant

- Law says she should be stoned to death

- Joseph thinks about divorcing her privately

- An angel convinces Joseph to keep Mary as his wife

- Joseph brings Mary home to him, but they remain celibate

- What a way to start a marriage

The Messy Birth (No room for Jesus: Luke 2:1-7)

- Had to travel 70 miles for a census

- This trip could take 4-7 days (while pregnant)

- They made it to Bethlehem and there was no place to stay

- Jesus’ entry into this world was in a barn with animals

- He was wrapped in rags

- His crib was a feeding trough

The Messy Massacre (Matthew 2:1-7)

- Wise men saw the star of David and were looking for the King of the Jews

- King Herod was upset by this and called together some religious leaders

- He wanted to know where to find Jesus

- The wise men found Jesus and worshipped Him

- God warned them not to return to King Herod

- God tells Joseph that Jesus’ life is in danger

- Herod ordered the death of all boys ages two and younger

Jesus’ entry into this world was problematic and surrounded by messy situations.

God chooses a difficult beginning to a story that will have a beautiful ending.

Why do they call Him the Messiah?

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