Summary: God has a simple plan for sinful man

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TEXT: ACTS 16:25-31

1. THE ASKING- What took place in this man’s life that brought him to this pivotal point...that he would ask this question. What must I do to be saved ?

a.. praying - Paul & Silas were praying...probably praying for their own release and deliverance....very likely praying for the churches, and fellow believers...but knowing the apostle Paul....I’m sure he was praying for the prisoners there with he, and Silas, and also the guards.

b. praising- what a great testimony this was.....Though Paul & Silas were emprisoned they were still praising the Lord.....Remember to sing, and make melody in your hearts as unto the Lord.

c. power of God- God got the attention of the jailer ! Though their doors were jarred open, and their stocks loosed...they did not fact they were asked to leave the next day....I believe the earthquake was more for the jailer and the other prisoners than for Paul & Silas.

2. THE ASSUMPTION- There is a keyword in this text that shows the reason why so many are shows the unbelief that plaques mans heart.

Notice the word “do”....a small word....but enough to keep you, and I out of heaven....Man assumes, and assumes incorrectly that there is something we can “do” that will get us to heaven.....By the works of the Law shall no flesh be justified in his sight....the just shall live by faith. *Remember Nicodemus...and the rich young ruler. This is a typical question..... we are in no condition to DO anything to get us to heaven.

Romans 3:10,23 Isa. 59:2 Jeremiah 17:9 Eph. 4:18 alienated from God

Eph.2:1 dead in trepasses and sin....v.12 without Christ is to be without hope.

3. THE ANSWER-Christ did what we could not do.....lived a perfect life, fulfilled the law....died a sacrificial death. He who knew no sin became sin for us that we might be made the righteousness of God in him. He who was rich for our sake became poor that we might be made the riches of righteousness in him. Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin. What must we DO to be saved ? It’s already been done. Christ has paid the price. All we need do is receive it.....come to Jesus believing, and receiving.....What will you do with Jesus today ?

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