Summary: God is giving us a glimsp to what is to come

By Pastor J.W.T. Spies

The book of Revelation is an amazing book. It is also a very complex book. There are many twists, turns and rapid plot developments in its pages. This book contains all the elements of a great thriller. In its pages you will find action, suspense, mystery, wonders, fear, dramas, horror, and much excitement.

While it takes a full 22 chapters for all the action to completely develop; John gives us incite to what’s about to come in a theater near you. Some would call it a coming attraction, while others may say that it is in theaters near you. As we look at the trailer, and the previews, John arouses the thought of those that will hear and listen in a way that will reminds us about what is to come.

The verses we have read today are an introduction into the material that will be developed as we move through this chapter of revelation. With that in mind, let’s take a look at this sneak preview of the coming attractions.

So, what we see first, is the Journey end of this letter, he writes to the seven churches that are in Asia. This Holy writ is to be delivered to seven particular churches. The actual names are given in verse 11, and they are studied, cut up, and dissected in detail in chapters two and three.

And here’s what we know:

First we know that, they were not fiction, but they are a real set of churchgoers that showed up for church in this time that John corralled, wrote, chartered and penned this book. Jesus was speaking to John about some real saints, some real sinners, a real situation, and a real solution.

Secondly, these churches are representative of every Christian church that has ever existed. And what I have learned is that every church contains some of the characteristics that marked these churches.

This memorandum, this memo, this message was directed and delivered to the seven churches of Asia Minor. This is the first use of the number seven in Revelation. But this is a number that will show up time and time again as we study the Word.

Seven is a number that suggests perfection, completion, and fullness. So, when the Bible mentions seven churches, it is referring to the church in its fullness. These were not a baby church, they were not churches that did not have a chance to develop, and they were well established churches.

And this number seven means something. Seven is a prominent number.

There are seven colors that make up the light spectrum.

There are seven notes in the musical scale.

There are seven days in one week.

There are seven deadly sins.

There are seven days in a week.

Some say that seven is the magic number.

Seven is seen often in the Bible. God commanded seven feats in the Law.

There are seven secret, or mysteries, in the Christ’s parables of the kingdom.

There were seven sayings of Jesus on the cross.

At Jericho, seven priests, are carrying seven trumpets, and marched around the city for seven days. And on the seventh day, they marched around the city seven times.

In revelation the number seven is used forty-nine times, which is seven times seven. And here are some of the sevens in Revelation.

There are:

Seven Churches, Seven Spirits, Seven Stars, Seven Seals, Seven Horns,

Seven Eyes, Seven Trumpets, Seven Angels, Seven Thunders, Seven Heads, Seven Crowns, Seven Plagues, Seven Vials, Seven Mountains

Seven Kings the number seven has some power.

So, first is the Journey end of this letter.

Then we see the message of this letter, the letter reads grace unto you and peace.

John meets them with the prayer that they will continue to enjoy the all-sufficient grace of God and the peace of God which will pass all understanding.

Although this book is filled with passages of judgment, ruling and disapprovals, it is also a book of joy, happiness, delight and pleasure. The letter discloses the grace of God, and it points to a coming world where grace and peace will reign forever.

As we arrive in verse four and five, we see the Deity of the letter. We see the promise of grace and peace that comes to us from the Holy Trinity. Look at the word which in verses 4. This word is used three times, and each time we see it, it introduces another member of the Godhead, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Which was, is and to come.

These two verses remind us that this book was not the creation of a man. But it is the Words of God to man! Therefore, it carries power and divine authority. Let’s examine the Deity behind this letter

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