Summary: A somebody can become a fugitive but they must remember to run to God because He is their safe refuge.

A Somebody Becomes A Fugitive

Series on the Life of David- Sermon 2

Thesis: A somebody can become a fugitive but they must remember to run to God because He is their safe refuge.

Texts: I Samuel 18-22


Have you ever been on top of the world? Life is going in your favor. You have won some major victories. You have gained fame in the eyes of everyone around you. The crowds are talking positively about you saying, “What a man!” “Did you see her drop that giant!”, “What a mighty warrior!”, “He is awesome-I want to get close to him!’, “He is fearless in the midst of battle!” “He has got his act together!” , “I will follow him because he is a man of God!”, “He has great wisdom and insight!”, “She has a great family and I want to belike her!”. You are on top of the world! But then something blind sides you and out of nowhere it all comes crashing down. The talk of admiration, and respect turn to hatred and jealousy and disrespect. Your victories are now becoming twisted into defeats. Your life turns from beautiful to ugly:

Holwick states, “Do you ever have a day when everything goes wrong? Everything blows up in your face. Boss is mad at you, wife is grumpy, car acting funny…(1)”

It’s like you go from somebody to a fugitive. You are on the run hiding out dodging insults, spears, attacks and the like. It’s no fun. It’s as we all say, “Not fair!”

Lord what happened? “I was on top of the world and now I’m running for my life!”

Well welcome to the realm of reality!

Last week we left off with our hero David, “A Nobody Who Became a Somebody” on top of the world in Israel. He had defeated Goliath, had won honor and prestige, become exempt from taxes, people where singing about how mighty he was. He becomes a leader in the Israelite army, he is winning numerous battles, he has developed close friendships like with Jonathan. Life is looking great and he is thinking man this is incredible! A few months back I was nobody in the fields and today I am the man! I achieved fame and fortune! But as quick as it came in a few short days the picture changes from being somebody to becoming a fugitive on the run and having everything he gained snatched away unfairly. Not only his wife, friendships, mentors and family but his very life is being threatened. It’s become a person’s worst nightmare. He had his wildest dreams fulfilled only to be turned around into his worst nightmare.

Illustration: Video Clip of the Fugitive

Believe it or not – God was still in control and he was teaching David his most valuable lessons in life. Sometimes the most valuable lessons of life come from hard times.

I. Watch out when you become somebody because you may have to duck and hide ( I Samuel 18,19).

a. Reality sets in on our hero David and we learn a lesson that because you are somebody usually means you come under fire.

i. David comes back from battle a hero only to come under the direct fire of a jealous evil king ( I Samuel 18:8-16)

1. Twice he ducks a spear ( I Samuel 18:10,11)

a. Just because you are somebody does not mean you won’t have to duck.

b. Illustration- Have Brian come in twice and throw a spear at me.

2. He has to endure jealousy ( I Samuel 18:9)

a. Just because you are somebody does not mean everyone will like you or your successes.

3. He is unjustly accused ( I Samuel 18:17; 19:30-32)

a. Just because you are somebody does not mean you won’t be unjustly accused of things you have not done.

i. People will lie about you.

ii. People will say you did things you did not do.

iii. People will question you motives and interpret things the wrong way.

4. Just because you’re somebody does not mean you won’t be alone when things go wrong in your life ( I Samuel 20:42b –21:1)) “Then David left, and Jonathan went back to town. David went to Nob, to Ahimelech the priest. Ahimelech trembled when he met him, and asked, ‘Why are you alone? Why is no one with you?”

a. Prophet – His mentor Samuel

b. Family- His family did not leave with him at this point in time –he’s on his own.

c. Spouses- she helped him escape then lied about it to her Father King Saul- She said, “I helped him because he threatened to kill me if I did not.”

d. Friends- Jonathan and David had to part company because of Saul’s jealous rage toward David.

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