Summary: An Invitation Sermon for the Lost

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A Special Invitation to YOU!

Matthew 11:28-30

Everyone has at one time or another received an Invitation to something. It may have been for a Birthday Party, a Wedding, Etc. Today, in our Text Verses, we see an Invitation. Let us examine this Invitation from the Word of God.

1. WHO THE INVITATION IS FROM: "Jesus Christ" 1 John 4:14 John 12:46

2. TO WHOM THE INVITATION IS FOR: "All" John 6:37 Romans 10:13

3. WHAT THE INVITATION IS FOR: "Rest Unto your Soul" Isaiah 26:3 Isaiah 26:3

5. THE TIME AND DATE OF THE INVITATION: "Right Now" 2 Corinthians 6:2

6. THE R.S.V.P. OF THE INVITATION: "A Reply" Revelation 3:20

Application: You have now received your Invitation. What will you do with it? This is one Invitation you might want to take heed to.

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