Summary: Here is a great Thanksgiving Message.

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A Spirit of Thanksgiving amidst the Storms of Life

Subject: Thanksgiving

Text: Acts 27:1-44

Date: November 24, 2002 (AM)


We often face many storms in life. But even though we face many storms we can still have a spirit of thanksgiving in our hearts in the midst of the storm. Let us use our text as an example of how we can always maintain a spirit of thanksgiving in our lives.

I. A terrible storm arose. (v.14)

A. The storm was unexpected. (v. 13, 14)

B. The storm was unmanageable (v. 15)

C. The storm was unrelenting. (v. 20)

II. A soul that trusted in God.

A. The passengers were consumed with fear. (v. 20)

B. Paul had a connection with the Father! (v. 23)

C. Paul was confident in his faith! (v. 25)

III. A thankful spirit-Paul was thankful in the midst of the storm (v.35)

A. Paul was thankful for provision of food during the storm. (v. 35)

B. Paul was thankful for the presence of friends during the storm. (v. 2)

C. Paul was thankful for the protection of the father during the storm. (v. 34)

D. Paul was thankful for the promise of a future beyond the storm. (v. 24)

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