Summary: The Psalms begin with a very clear choice: we are either part of the Godly or the Ungodly. God promises victory for Himself, and for us, if we abide in Him.

A Study of Psalm 1 and 2

Psalm 1-2


- Psalms broken into 5 books, covered an extensive time period

- Gathered together as songs of praise & words of encouragement/warning

- There are psalms of wisdom, royal psalms, lament psalms, & thanksgiving

- There are also psalms of pilgrimage and enthronement (majesty of God) psalms

- If we determine to apply ourselves, this could be a life changing study

-- We will go through these as the Lord leads

- We are in a tough time for our church; believe that God is still at work

- I want us, as a church, to walk through and see if we can’t rejoice more

- We ought to be able to praise, and prayerfully you will want more daily

- Read Psalm 1-2 / Pray

Point 1 – Psalm 1 (The Godly vs. The Ungodly)

- Broken into vivid descriptions of two people: the Godly and the Ungodly

- First described is the way of the Godly (1-3)

- He is satisfied (blessed) in the Lord (1a)

• He is favored by God

• He is fulfilled in God … APP: God’s ways make him complete

- He is separated from the world (1b)

• Refusing secular beliefs – Worldly views

• Refusing sensual behavior – Self-gratifying things

• Refusing shameful longings – Desires God, not lust/material/etc.

He is saturated in the Word (2)

• Delights in the Word – It’s his pleasure to read it

• Dwelling in the Word – Literally lives in the Word (we could all use this)

• He is often found digging in the Word (3)

o Finds: Stability & Productivity

o Produces: Constancy & Prosperity

- Then, the psalmist describes the way of the Ungodly (4-6)

- He is corrupted internally (4)

• The wicked are useless (like chaff: chopped straw used as fodder)

• The wicked are unstable (undependable, unreliable) – easily blown away

- He is condemned rightly (5)

• He will not stand in the judgment (unable to be seen as saved)

• He will not stand with the righteous (separated from those who are saved)

- He is damned eternally (6)

• The righteous will prosper b/c God watches over them

• The wicked will perish – destruction (self-reliance leads to this)

- APP: Those who live by God’s ways are rescued and redeemed for eternity

-- Living by wicked ways leads to deception and separation from God

Point 2 – Psalm 2 (God is still God)

- Despite man’s desire to be in charge, God has put Jesus in control of everything

-- He outlines this by identifying where we are – and where Jesus is

-- There are four things that Psalm 2 shows us …

- First, there is an obvious insurrection against God (1-3)

-- Men are always scheming vainly; they desire to do everything their way (1)

-- Men are standing defiantly; they place themselves in opposition to God (2)

-- Men are speaking arrogantly’ even their words conflict with God’s ways (3)

-- Rebels cry out: “Let us break their chains, throw off their shackles”

- APP: Humans always want to rebel against God … evidenced by crucifixion

- Second, we see the clear indignation of God (4-6)

- God scoffs in derision towards their attitude (4)

- God speaks in displeasure of their actions (5-6)

• He will terrify his adversaries (5)

• He will enthrone his anointed (6)

- APP: God remains God … He will not be swayed by our intentions

-- Mankind will never be able to make Him bend to our will (cannot do it)

- Third, God’s intention of what He wants is clear (7-9)

- God’s declaration here ought to make us shout for joy

-- APP: He is discussing His Son, Jesus, clearly speaking to Him in this

- My son will rule the nations (7)

- My son will inherit the nations (8)

- My son will judge the nations (9)

• He will break them with a rod

• His actions will shatter them like pottery

- Finally, in light of this … God gives a very specific invitation to all (10-12)

- Be wise (10a)

- Be warned (10b)

- Serve the Lord (11)

- Rejoice with trembling (respectful fear) (11b)

- Kiss the Son (reverence Him, respect Him more than just words) (12)

- Take refuge in in Him (He is able to protect us from God’s wrath) (12)

Big Idea – God victory is certain

- The life of a believer is never going to be an easy one

-- But, in two short Psalms, we’ve seen the human condition clearly outlined

1. We are either part of the Godly or the Ungodly

2. God promises victory for Himself; and for us if we abide in Him

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