Summary: David sees the depravity and final destruction of humans who reject God and it prompts his longing for the deliverance of God’s people. We need to understand who we are (v1-5), to see the joy in v6 is because of God!

A Study of Psalm 53

Psalm 53


- Good evening … short intro on new format

- Open to all, may allow more to attend due to busy schedules

- Comments can be seen by all, questions can be asked through them

- Invite: Advent series on SUNDAY mornings at the church

- This Psalm is out of order from our study

-- I feel like we need more assurance injected into the season

- Believers face criticism trying to share Christ at this time

-- However, a Psalm like this can give us insight into why that is

-- Additionally, it can help us understand why we must persevere

- One take-away: God is everything we need; let’s examine that tonight

- Read Psalm 53 / Pray

Point 1 – How does David identify a fool?

- What is a fool?

• His heart rejects God (1a)

- David’s view of humanity is described as foolish

-- Fool is one who rejects and ignores who God is

-- In essence, fool lives as if there is no God to ever deal with (life about them)

-- Truth: knowing there is … is what brings us to Him; desire reconciliation

• His life refuses God (1b, c)

o He is morally corrupt; rejection of God leads to this

o He is ethically vile; vile=injustice or iniquity (lives for self)

- Living with such corruption leads to destruction; separation forever

-- APP: Apart from God’s grace, no one can live and do what is right

-- Why? Internally, we are sinful and desire our own thing; David ID’s that

- God knows who are foolish

• He is observed by God (2)

- FACT: No one is able to hide from God; He sees everything

-- Insight: Saying there is no God does not absolve you from His commands

-- God’s examination of us is total … without favoritism

- CHALL: Do we (creation) recognize who He is? This is v2b in a nutshell

- Those who do not; or who refuse, are summed up in v3-4

• David says: He is offensive to God (3)

o All have turned away: left to ourselves, we’ll do our own thing

o All have turned corrupt; our own thing leads to corrupt ways

o All have turned evil; corruption leads to doing evil (unpleasing)

- It takes maturity to first admit who we are; we are sinners at our core

-- Romans 3:23, “for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”

-- David’s implication is simple: Left to ourselves, we will eventually stray

• And so, he asks, “Don’t they (we) know anything?” (4)

- Don’t we (they) understand that our desires lead to selfish/wicked ways?

-- Actually, those who do evil (see 4b) are the ones who devour faithful

- Consider: Who rejects God? Sinners who don’t want to repent!

-- This includes believers BTW, we are not exclusive in that category (Rom 3:23)

-- But, specifically, those who turn away from God seek to ruin those who don’t

- TRANS: So, what happens to those who are foolish?

Point 2 – How does God react?

- God will eventually not allow the continued rebellion to continue

-- Those who profess to be godless will one day see who God is

-- David promises this in crystal clear words

- The wicked will be judged

• He is scattered by God (5a)

o Their dread is increased by God; dread comes from knowing

- There will be a realization that the decisions made are right or wrong

-- “Dread” used here is Hebrew word pahad, meaning terror or panic

-- One day the enemies of the Lord will know who He is; they will realize

- Cannot stress this enough … It is His battle …

-- 2 Chronicles 20:15, “He said: "Listen, King Jehoshaphat and all who live in Judah and Jerusalem! This is what the LORD says to you: 'Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God's.

o Their bones are strewn by God

- Think of a battlefield, the after effects of a massive battle

-- Image to me is photos of Battle of Gettysburg, 50,000 died there

-- Bodies are strewn about, defeated -- and in many cases destroyed

- In a battle with the Lord, the imagery is the same

-- The visual picture here is the same … God does the winning; defeats enemies

- However, … (hope purposefully inserted here)

- The faithful are delivered

• Our salvation is by God (6a); Lord, bring your salvation (rescue)

• Our restoration is by God (6b); Lord, only you can restore (save)

• Our celebration is in God (6c); Lord, my praise is because of you (honor)

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