Summary: How we respond to adversity demonstrates a great testimony for the world to see. Do we run to our God for shelter and comfort … or do we try to wage war ourselves?

A Study of Psalm 7

Psalm 7


- Psalms broken into 5 books, covered an extensive time period

- Gathered together as songs of praise & words of encouragement/warning

- We are studying book 1, Psalm 1-41 … then will move to something else

- There are psalms of wisdom, royal psalms, lament psalms, & thanksgiving

- There are also psalms of pilgrimage and enthronement (majesty of God) psalms

- If we determine to apply ourselves, this could be a life changing study

- We are in a tough time for our church; believe that God is still at work

- I want us, as a church, to ask and see if we can’t rejoice more

- We ought to be able to praise, and prayerfully you will want more daily

- Read Psalm 7 / Pray

Point 1 – David’s Pleas to the Lord

David’s plea: “Save me”

• From my enemies (1)

- David’s desire is right from the beginning: Save me, Lord

- He puts all his trust in the Lord’s ability and not his own

• From all evil (2)

- Also, he describes the ordeal he is going through (re: Absalom)

- Save me from those who desire to tear me apart; to ruin me; to destroy me

- APP: What is critical here is that this is King David, a ruler and commander

-- Yet, he does not rely on his own strength and might … but calls on God’s

-- For you and me, there is no greater example that we are given

Then, David asks God, “Search me”

• I invite your examination (3-4)

- There is nothing more humbling than asking god to search you

-- David’s request is: If I have done wrong, then reveal it Lord”

-- David then lists the myriad of accusations being hurled against him

-- His ask is: If these things are true, then Lord, show them to me

• I invite your correction (5)

- Not only show them, but God, correct me if that is what I need

-- APP: If David is guilty, then Lord, let my enemy capture/trample me

- Note the implication here: If I’ve done wrong, then God, please punish me

- Consider this ask … would you be willing to be so bold in your request?

-- Would you be willing to ask for God’s correction in your life?

- The example we have in David is simple … “I want ONLY you, Lord.”

- TRANS: When we ask God to search us, He will always show us our wrongs…

-- And when we’ve repented, we too can stand victorious and ask things of Him

Point 2 – David’s Requests of God

- David’s heart is confirmed that he is blameless in these areas

-- Note: There is no clear understanding of how this is confirmed – but

-- His tone changes to one of asking for vindication from God

- Therefore, he makes two specific requests from God:

1) Support Me

• Arise in your anger (6); Rise up God because you are righteous

• Attack my adversaries (6-7); Asks God to fight the battle for him

• Arraign the peoples (7-8); Charge those who are guilty as being guilty

• Abolish the wicked (9); Bring an end to the violence

• Affirm the righteous (9); Secure the righteous in their innocence

- David’s first cry to the Lord is very specific: Lord, let you be victorious

-- Why is this important? Because when we are cast down, it is about God

- David’s first proclamation is that God would support him

-- It is a sign of servanthood that David shows here: “God, you are at work here”

2) Shield Me

• With God’s defense (10-11); God, your defense is best

• With God’s sword (12); God, your sword can defeat all enemies

• With God’s bow (12); Lord, prepare your bow to go to war

• With God’s arrows (13); Lord, you are in a constant ready state; able

• With God’s enemies (14-16); David uses a unique analogy here

- He is describing the enemy as one who is pregnant with evil; ready to deliver

-- The enemy prepares the hole that will ensnare him (by doing evil acts)

-- What they stir up comes back to them; because God will be victorious

• With God’s victory (17); Lord, because you are God you will win

- David declares: I will give thanks because of who God is

-- APP: He is righteous, he deserves all the praise, He will still be victorious

Big Idea – x

- We too will find ourselves in difficult positions along the day

-- We will be cursed down, ridiculed, and put aside by even those closest to us

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