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Summary: Continuation of the Study of the Book of Romans

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Book of Romans

Lesson #24

Romans 10:1 – 10:11

For the last several chapters we have read the letter of Apostle Paul as he dealt with his own countrymen, the Jews, concerning the relationship between Law and Grace, or salvation through faith and not by obedience to the Law of Moses.

If one is not careful, it may become easy to think that Paul was against the Jews and thought that they just were never going to be converted to Christianity. Perhaps we might even think that he was about ready to throw in the towel and just the chips fall where they may concerning the Jews and their rejection of Jesus Christ.

But make no mistake about it; Paul loved his own people and was simply trying to say or do anything he could to bring them to a saving knowledge of Jesus.

In the first verse of chapter 10, we can see the nature of Paul’s heart toward Israel. No one could have cared for them more, except the Lord Himself.

Romans 10:1, Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved.

Can you sense the heart-cry of the Apostle as the calling of God inside of him to reach the lost at any cost had become the battle cry of his life in Christ? Paul had taken up his cross and followed Jesus. He wanted desperately to reach out and get the Jews to accept their Messiah.

Just as much as he had fought against Christianity before his conversion; now Paul fought hard, laying his life on the line many times, for the sake of the gospel while preaching to the Jews. Yet it was always the Jews themselves who were his worst enemy in the flesh. Everywhere Paul went, the Jews were there to try and destroy his ministry. Even when he was sent to preach the gospel among the Gentile nations, the Jews were there, trying to keep the Gentiles from believing on Jesus as well, or else trying to cast the bondage of obedience to the Law of Moses on them, weakening their faith.

You see, it is in Christ alone, and the atoning power of his blood that salvation is gained through faith. Nothing else is needed, and nothing else should ever be added to the power of the blood when preaching the gospel.

Yes there are things we must learn about sanctification of the flesh; and yes there is a life of holiness that Christians should live, but these are only the reflection of the light that is already in us. Obedience to a law never results in salvation of the soul. It only serves to the sanctification of the body. The heart is sanctified, cleansed, washed and made perfect through faith in the blood of Jesus alone. It’s only when we lose faith in Christ; or we turn away willfully, spurning again the power of the blood; that we can lose our way in Christ.

None of the threats, the arrests, the beatings, the cursings or being left for dead at least separate times in his ministry, would deter Paul from fulfilling the call of God on his life. Paul understood the eternal consequences of failing in your assigned mission(s).

Romans 10:2 For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge.

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Lizzy Mohammedii

commented on Aug 9, 2017

Hi how are you? I like your profile and i will like to be your friend, please try to reach me through my email( am not always on line here.

Lizzy Mohammedii

commented on Aug 9, 2017

Hi how are you? I like your profile and i will like to be your friend, please try to reach me through my email( am not always on line here.

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