Summary: Why was David so sad? Five reasons. But there is reason for hope. Jesus, the son of David, would fulfill David’s emotional prayer "Would to God I had died for thee!"

Title: "The Tale of Three Kings"


After learning of the victory over the rebellion that caused King David to flee from Jerusalem, David wept. The people were uncertain as to how to celebrate this great victory. Why was the King weeping?

Of course, the answer was that the king of the rebellion was dead. That leader was David’s son, Absalom.

There are five tragic things to consider about Absalom’s death. Five reasons for David’s tears, and at the conclusion of the this message, one reason for us to have tears of joy!

1. Abasalom’s death left him with an irreconcilable past.

David had put off loving and forgiving his wayward son. David had had years to reconcile with his son, and, perhaps, he assured himself that he still had years to do so, but now, suddenly, Absalom was dead. He died while yet in his youth and out of the arms of David.

2. Absalom’s death left him with a wasted life.

If ever a young man had potential, it was Absalom. He was good looking, and had a sensitive heart. The people of Israel were also drawn to him for his discernment and wisdom. But Absalom did not put these things into the ministry. He used them for self serving purposes and would die without reaching into his god given potential.

3. Absalom’s death was a horrible death.

He prided himself in the length and glory of his hair. When fleeing from Joab’s army, he rode under a tree and his locks were caught in the branches. His donkey rode out from under him. Joab would shoot three darts into Absalom’s heart.

4. Absolam’s death pointed to a hopeless eternity.

Contrast the announcement of Absalom’s death to that of the time that he was told that the baby son of Bathsheba had died. At that announcement, David bathed and clothed himself and ask for food to be brought for him. He comforted Bathsheba with these words, "My son cannot come to me, but one day, I shall go to be with him."

There was no such hope in the death of Absalom. Absalom would die in rebellion. David had no confidence of his son’s salvation.

5. Absalom’s death represented an unanswered prayer request.

The heart’s cry of David was, "Would to God, I had died for thee, Absalom, my son, my son."

Of course things could not be reversed. The King could not die for his rebellious son.


Conclusion: Now let me share with you the reason why I have entitled this message, "The Tale of Three Kings." King number one is Absalom, the self appointed king. King number is David, the god anointed king. And King number three is Jesus.

Jesus would come in answer to this prayer request of David!

Think of it. How did Jesus die? Hanging on a tree. From whom did Jesus die? For those who were in open rebellion to his Lordship.

David was a man after God’s own heart. In this text, you not only see the heart of David, you see the heart of God on display.

It took the heart of a loving God to say on your behalf, "Would that I should die for thee!"

(Romans 5:8 KJV) But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

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