Summary: A three week series looking at the cross cross from different perspectives.

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A Journey to the Cross: A Tale of Two Rooms

Idea: Let’s Make a Deal – behind door #1 or door #2 – in this passage of Scripture we find two different people in two different rooms with two completely different

I Judas at Caiaphas’ House Mt.26:14-16

A Judas went to the chief priest under his own initiative led by Satan.

B He betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. (the price of a slave)

C Judas sought out an opportunity to hand Jesus over.

Question: Why did Judas sell out Jesus? How could he betray Jesus after all he had seen and done? How could he turn on the One who gave him so much?

Idea: The Bible is very clear – Judas had a choice. Yes – the devil tempted him, but the choice was his own – he was responsible for his decision – he was not a patsy or pawn.

Truth: In fact, I believe that there in the upper room, as he sat in the position of honor – even after Jesus had washed his feet – Jesus was there holding open the door for Judas to repent and not go through with his horrible agreement.

Question: So why did he do it?

A A Few Suggestions

1 Judas became disenchanted – He realized Jesus was not going to overthrow Rome and establish a new kingdom.

2 Judas became scandalized after Jesus proclaimed to be God.

3 Judas was blackmailed or threatened into betraying Jesus by the religious leaders.

4 Judas feared dying at the hands of an angry Rome.

B The Biblical Reason

Truth: Greed – Self-serving, glutton-ness, betraying greed – He wanted money!

Reality: He sought out the chief priest and asked how much he could get for Jesus – as crass as it may sound – he betrayed Jesus for bucks – the price was right.

Truth: Greed and the love of money – the lust for power and possession – can bring out the worst in people and it brought out the worst in Judas.

Reality: But we all need to remember that Judas’ plight was a gradual process that all of us are capable of succumbing to.

Story: Leonardo De Vinchy – Last Supper painting – initially Judas’ face looked like the face of his worst enemy and critic – but after a few restless nights he redrew some of his own features recognizing his own capacity to turn on Jesus.

Question: At what price will you sell out Jesus?

Idea: Will you sell Jesus out for power – prestige – possession – pride – position?

II Mary at Simon the Lepers’ House Mt. 26:6-13

A Mary came to Jesus of her own initiative led by God’s Spirit.

B She anointed Jesus with very expensive perfume. (300 denarii)

C She sought out an opportunity to honor Jesus above all.

Question: Why did Mary sell out to Jesus?

Setting: Mary had always been especially attentive to the words and teaching of Christ. Maybe it was intuition, maybe it was an understanding in her heart b/c having listened, she knew that Jesus would die for her sins and for the sins of the world.

Reality: Maybe she loved Jesus so much she wanted to honor Him w/ her most valued possession. In any case, she got caught up in a moment of uninhibited worship and she offered not only a pint of perfume, but the whole of her heart. She gave Jesus everything she had in an act of unmeasuable love.

Question: At what price will you sell out to Jesus?

Quote: No man is a fool who gives up what he cannot keep in exchange for that which he cannot lose.

Question: Which door have you chosen? Which door will you choose?

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