Summary: Part one of a series encouraging believers to be about the Father's Business

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With the morals, ethics, and value systems of our nation on the decline, and immorality, sensuality, perverse human behavior, and violence on the increase, yet all the while God’s mandate to the Christian church being the same; that we be a positive witness of the gospel, evangelize the world, and making disciples of all men, beginning with the guy across the street, it becomes increasingly and painfully evident as we track the advancement of the church in these areas that the Church of Jesus Christ in the United States of America stands in need of revival.

We as a body are no different than any other church in America. We too need a fresh touch of the hand of God, a fresh anointing poured out on us, and our hearts stirred so that we are no longer a lethargic collection of individuals, we are no longer apathetic toward the task that lies before the church, but our hearts burn with passion, and we become zealous for the things of God and the work of His church.

Some said, “Yes, and I have been waiting for those services to be scheduled!” But the revival we need is not just a few consecutive nights of meetings that we have to fulfill our religious calendar, but we need a move of God’s Spirit that resurrects the Body of Christ, that awakens sleeping saints and gets the church on the move, that brings new vision, and makes the world stand up and take notice of a Spirit anointed ministry going forth in the land.

God’s grace is so great! I am thankful for my position as a child of God and I realize that I can have a relationship with Him, that I can be saved and enjoy the blessings of His grace, and I do not try to diminish the value of that great fact, but the point to be stressed in this message today is that this world, this nation, this very community is in need of bodies of believers who will position themselves in such a way spiritually that our hearts would resonate and bear witness with the very words of Christ who as a young child stated to His earthly parents: "I must be about my Father's business."

I believe we are living in the last days! I believe the events that we see taking place on a daily basis are a fulfillment of the signs of the times, but regardless of our positioning on the eschatological calendar there are souls all around us perishing daily to a godless eternity.

There are people at your workplace whose eternity may be dependent upon your being about the Father’s business. There are people in the market places of this world whose eternity depends upon your availability to be about the Father’s business. There are alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes, liars, cheaters, adulterers, fornicators, and murderers whose eternity may be hanging in the balance waiting for someone’s availability to be about the Father’s business.

May I submit to you that in the midst of life’s hectic schedules, personal agendas, days filled with more tasks than seem humanly possible to accomplish, and greater demands on our time than ever before that there has to be, there must be made time to be about the Father’s business!

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