Summary: A Palm Sunday Message

A Victorious Entrance


We all have had things happen in our lives that has dissappointed us. Things don’t always work out the way that we plan in our minds. And sometimes we haven’t even had the time to plan or think about it and it just happens, and we go wow, I expected

more. In the world of science and inventions, the some of the greatest dscoveries have come from complete failures. Sometimes things are found by mistake. Most of us have heard the story of

Alexander Graham Bell and how, he and his partner, first knew that the invention they were working on was a success, when Bell had spilled chemicals on himself and called out for help. His partner hearing the call over the phone came to his aid. Now I imagine that Alexander Graham Bell had visions of trying out the

phone under different circumstances, I am sure he had a picture in his mind of how everything would go. The fact that it didn’t happen that way, did it change his invention? Of course not.

Some of you are here today and you are hurting. Things haven’t worked out the way you had perceived. Maybe you have asked God for something in your life, a deliverance, a healing, maybe you just need a touch from him, you could possibly be here today and you have never experienced Jesus’ love in your life.

Whatever your situation, this morning, Jesus wants to make an entrance into your life and bring you victory.


John 12:12-19

Let’s setup this event

1. Time of great celebration

a). Passover Feast

*-a time when Jews would have traveled from all over to be a part of this feast


*-Larger than usual crowds

2. Jesus began his journey to the city

John 12:17

So not only was there a large crowd but as the entourage made its way to Jerusalem, those who had been with him when he raised Lazarus from the dead, began to spread the word about what was going on.

A. verse 13a

Palm branches and cloaks- to lay palm branches

and cloaks was a sign of honor, that the people were paying to Jesus a certain amount of respect.

(red carpet)

Many many branches along the way!

B. Verse 13b

I don’t think we give in many instances a good

enough of picture of what was taking place.

It was a large crowd some standing along the road, others dancing and singing. (Luke 19:37-40)

For it to have been to the point where the pharisees became indignant. This must have been a celebration and worship to beat all worship. (the religious sect will never enjoy when you praise God with everything you have)

They had every right to sing and shout though. They knew what was written about their Messiah.

Psalm 118:25

This phrase in Hebrew is hosh’iana which becomes Hosanna in the Greek . It prophesies the salvation through Christ’s sacrifice.

These people had long been waiting for their deliverer, their healer, their salvior (as have many of you).

They were seeing the fulfillment of what they had perceived or conceived in their minds of the Messiah. And I am sure that many were getting caught up in the excitement of what was happening. (Pentecostals and charismatics today)

So Jesus proceeds into Jerusalem with all of this pomp and circumstance. The people were waiting to see what his next move would be. After all he had come to set the people free.

3. After His entrance

The Word of God begins to show us what Jesus does the next week:

1. He cleanses the temple

2. He teaches

3. He comforts

4. He has supper with his disciples

As the week went on those who had hailed him as Messiah began to question his actions.

I thought he was going to set us free?

When is he going to make his move?

I am ready to move at his command, yet he is only doing

foolish things

You see those who had just days prior welcomed the entrance of Jesus into their lives, were becoming disappointed because he was not doing things according to their ideas and their plans.

Which brings us to what happens next

Mark 15:6-15

Those who were in this crowd were many of the same who had one week before praised him. And now because Jesus did not do what they had thought, he was being rejected.

**Look though how Jesus responded.

He went to the cross to die, with no hesitation.

You see when Jesus entered Jerusalem it was with a promise to bring deliverance, healing, salvation and victory. And although many had perceived an insurrection or rebellion as the way, Jesus

was providing what he had promised in his Father’s way.

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