Summary: “The wise wife is the mediator of God’s blessings to the household.”

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“The Wise Woman”

Proverbs 31:10-31

“The wise wife is the mediator of God’s blessings to the household.”

05.13.07 – Mother’s day

Sunday Morning Sermon

Intro: (Start with Title and Text)

Amanda and I were young when we met. Both of us were in College, both of us were involved with friends at our respective dorms. Our first date was unplanned, it’s really a long story, I won’t get into, because I would just make fun of myself. My youth minister told me, you should never date a person you wouldn’t marry. So here we are in Bible College – we fall in love and get married. It happens a million times all over the world, every day. We’ve been married 12 years. It will never cease to amaze me – the way God blesses our family through, my wife. Several years ago, we are attending this huge church in Oklahoma City – I’m working at AOL and Amanda’s doing Medical transcription. The church announces that they need people; they preferred couples, to teach the 3 year olds. Amanda signed us up, we didn’t have kids, my only job was crowd control – the preacher’s daughter was in there, she was a handful. Amanda teaches these kids with such a passion. Her passion became my own. I felt God’s calling into ministry again, because of a 3 year old class that I was just helping out with.


I understand men, fathers, are the head of the household. Honestly, I don’t think men in general do enough to earn that position. I think our families; our homes would be in better shape if men stood up and did the responsibilities of being head of the household. I’ll preach that sermon in June.

I think Biblically, God will use the woman, the mom, the wife in the house, as a way to bless the family. I believe a Godly mother, is a blessing to the house, but I know that through the Godly mother, God gives his blessing to the home.

I’ve seen churches give away stuff for the oldest mom, and youngest mom, the most kids present – but we always stayed away from the perfect mom. It’s hard to figure out what the perfect mom would look like – Even Mary the mother of Jesus was considered blessed – but perfect, I doubt it.

So if we were going to find the perfect mom where would we go? Our own mom might be a possibility, well, maybe not. Cause there was that time with the soap and the washing out of the mouth – probably not the tenderest moment. If we were going to find the perfect – the wisest mom – maybe we should look at scripture.

Turn with me if you have your Bible to Proverbs 31:10-31 (read) (advance)

I see four characteristics of the wise woman –


I. She Is Valuable (10-16)

This is a poem – I don’t know how literal this stuff is, so if you felt tired after I read the text, that’s ok, but we can draw some good lessons from the Proverbs 31 woman.

a. The question – Who can find a noble wife?

It assumes a negative answer. Listen, you can not find a noble wife. That’s not the way it works.

Like you could go out and just find a wife who is noble – that totally removes the God aspect – I hope he’s more involved than that. I hope you listen to him better than that. (advance)

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