Summary: “The wise wife is the mediator of God’s blessings to the household.”

“The Wise Woman”

Proverbs 31:10-31

“The wise wife is the mediator of God’s blessings to the household.”

05.13.07 – Mother’s day

Sunday Morning Sermon

Intro: (Start with Title and Text)

Amanda and I were young when we met. Both of us were in College, both of us were involved with friends at our respective dorms. Our first date was unplanned, it’s really a long story, I won’t get into, because I would just make fun of myself. My youth minister told me, you should never date a person you wouldn’t marry. So here we are in Bible College – we fall in love and get married. It happens a million times all over the world, every day. We’ve been married 12 years. It will never cease to amaze me – the way God blesses our family through, my wife. Several years ago, we are attending this huge church in Oklahoma City – I’m working at AOL and Amanda’s doing Medical transcription. The church announces that they need people; they preferred couples, to teach the 3 year olds. Amanda signed us up, we didn’t have kids, my only job was crowd control – the preacher’s daughter was in there, she was a handful. Amanda teaches these kids with such a passion. Her passion became my own. I felt God’s calling into ministry again, because of a 3 year old class that I was just helping out with.


I understand men, fathers, are the head of the household. Honestly, I don’t think men in general do enough to earn that position. I think our families; our homes would be in better shape if men stood up and did the responsibilities of being head of the household. I’ll preach that sermon in June.

I think Biblically, God will use the woman, the mom, the wife in the house, as a way to bless the family. I believe a Godly mother, is a blessing to the house, but I know that through the Godly mother, God gives his blessing to the home.

I’ve seen churches give away stuff for the oldest mom, and youngest mom, the most kids present – but we always stayed away from the perfect mom. It’s hard to figure out what the perfect mom would look like – Even Mary the mother of Jesus was considered blessed – but perfect, I doubt it.

So if we were going to find the perfect mom where would we go? Our own mom might be a possibility, well, maybe not. Cause there was that time with the soap and the washing out of the mouth – probably not the tenderest moment. If we were going to find the perfect – the wisest mom – maybe we should look at scripture.

Turn with me if you have your Bible to Proverbs 31:10-31 (read) (advance)

I see four characteristics of the wise woman –


I. She Is Valuable (10-16)

This is a poem – I don’t know how literal this stuff is, so if you felt tired after I read the text, that’s ok, but we can draw some good lessons from the Proverbs 31 woman.

a. The question – Who can find a noble wife?

It assumes a negative answer. Listen, you can not find a noble wife. That’s not the way it works.

Like you could go out and just find a wife who is noble – that totally removes the God aspect – I hope he’s more involved than that. I hope you listen to him better than that. (advance)

Proverbs 18:22 – He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD.

i. God brings you the partnership – that will last a lifetime.

Because we are talking wife and not just a woman – she can be found, but it’s God’s timing, God’s will.

We make reality shows out of finding a wife – but it never works – it makes great ratings, but because God is moved completely out, it doesn’t work. If you are building a relationship based on something other than God – it will not work.

This woman that God brings to you and, he blesses you, and she becomes your wife --

b. She is worth

i. More than Rubies – Men, treat her like she is valuable and she will be.

In our text this morning and throughout the book of proverbs it speaks of something being worth more than rubies. It says when a man finds it, he is blessed. But it’s not a wife – it is wisdom.

1. Because she is wise – there’s a very good parallel

Notice what happens around her house:

c. Her husband has full confidence in her – he lacks nothing

He only shows up a few times in this section of scripture – always to compliment and his respect is always a result of what she does.

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