Summary: This sermon will be an encouragement to mothers.

Introduction: Certainly the Bible Recognizes women in positions of power women who contributed to makinng the world a better place.

Miraim who led the people in praising God after the crossing of the Red Sea (ex.15:21) Ruth who put God first and became the ancesteress of King David (Ruth.1:16; 4:17), Deborah, A judge in Israel (Judges. 5), Hannah who lent the LOrd the child of her prayer (1 Sam.1:28), Ester who took her life in her hands to plead for her doomed people, the widow whose obedience sustained the prophet Elijah (Kings. 17:1 9-16). The woman who aonited Jesus with the expensive ointment (perfume) (Mark.14:3).Jesus and the disciples were gathered at Simon the leper’s house for a meal. While the meal was taking place an unnamed woman comes into the room carring an alabaster jar. This was unsual because women and children did not share thje same place at the table. This woman walked into the room and shares the same position as the men of the house. This takes courage. Seh risked embarrassment and ridicule in order to show her love for Jesus. She risked stepping out of the social norms for her convictions and for her view of Jesus.

Now tell me how much courage do you have today.

Perhaps some one is being moved bt the Spirit, but because you are afraid of what might say about you, you will stay where you are.

There is that really want to thite but do not have the courage to trust God to make the difference in their finance.

This woman shows us what Christian love should look like and how it should behave.

I. She Is An Extravagant Woman

This perfune they said was worth 300 denair, which would be the equivalent to about $35,ooo in today’s money. So I would say that is pretty extracvagant would’t you. But this just shows how much she valued Jesus. This amount of money could have been her whole life saving, but sh didn’t think about holding back for a rainy day.

II. She Is A Courageous Woman

It is suggested that this woman was willing to make he stand before a group of men. Mark tells us that God will do most anything for the perso who will make the decision to take Him at his word.

III. She Is A Woman Of Faith.

This unnamed woman gave willingly others were calling too much. They said it was a waist. What is waist? It is exchanging something of greater value for something of lesser value, and so as you look at the Text do toy think she traded something of greater valu for something of lesser value? But it is Judas Iscariot, who was later was to betray hIM, jOHN.12:4).

Conclusion: Now we come to decision time it is time for you to decided how much you value Jesus today. You do know Jesus showed how much he valued us when died for us.

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