Summary: A watchman is only a watchman if he sounds the warning in time for people to move and deliver themselves.

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I never set out just to be a person of controversy; it's never been my desire or my aim to be controversial.

I have never believed the pulpit to be the place to hash out political differences.

I take no pleasure in stirring the pot as it were. (I don't like drama) and I don't enjoy debate for debates sake.

I have never set out to attack anyone personally. But The problem we are facing today is that there are so many people now that have embraced sin as a way of life that when you mention a particular sin they take it as a personal attack against them. (and now anyone who tries to help them by telling them the truth, is considered a hater and a basher.

That puts us in a very hard place. (Are we going to back off and quit preaching the parts of the Bible that offends them, or are we going to love them enough to tell them the truth even if it makes us controversial?

Do I love the fornicator, the adulterer, the pedophile, the homosexual, the lesbians, the drug addict, The Prostitute, the liar, the thief the murderer. Enough to tell them the truth? that according to God's word, they are sinning and that the wages of sin is death.

But God has provided a remedy for us all through the blood of Jesus. (But in order for his blood to cleanse us, we have to repent and sin no more.)

Or do we ignore God's Commandments and avoid every controversial scripture that identifies sin and just try to rub greasy grace on everybody no matter how they live or what they believe?

(That's the question)

We can't walk a Middle Line:

There is no neutral ground in this: we are either for Jesus or against Him, we are either gathering with him or we're scattering abroad. We are either preaching the truth, living by the truth or we are rejecting the truth.

It's not a hard line to see, the Bible is our Plumb line. Anyone who is willing to read it will see it.

But the problem is: that many of our pulpits in this nation today have become so polluted and diluted and they no longer name sin, they no longer call people to repentance and salvation from sin.

Many are only interested in growing church numbers and money and position and recognition.

They are what the Bible calls. (Blind Watchmen)

Isa 56:10 His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber.

They don't want to upset anybody:

They prophesy nothing but peace, prosperity, Harmony, acceptance, love, inclusion, they say in effect (every body is already saved they just don't all know it yet.

They say (We want you to be yourself whatever you identify with that's fine with us, ) God loves you just like you are) and He just wants, and we just want you to be happy.

Beloved: If sin makes you happy, does that make it acceptable with God? does grace make allowance for sin because it makes us happy?

Of course the answer is NO.

(God says they prophesy lies.)

Jer 6:14 They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.

Right now the false prophets are sounding the message of love, acceptance, inclusiveness, peace, prosperity, safety, unity and harmony.

And the truth is: This nation is divided, and we are internally at War, We are on the edge of Civil War, we are on the edge of Martial law.

There's more hate and Prejudice and racial tension than most of us have ever seen.

And we as a nation have forgotten God, we have rebelled against God. We have ridiculed him and cast his truth to the ground. And we are spiraling out of control, (we are falling into the bottomless pit of greed and immorality and sexual perversion and demonism.)

*The number one guests on our national talk shows today are homosexuals, lesbians transgenders, and bisexuals.

And they are celebrated as Heroes for coming out.

Something is happening in the realm of the spirit and I am compelled to tell it. it is this: The power that has been behind all of this corruption, this is immorality, and this perversion, is getting ready to take Center Stage.

You're going to see before long publicly on national television (demon possession) satanic ceremonies and rituals are going to gain public notoriety and acceptance.)

It is going to become desirable by many to be demon possessed, you will see people expressing great pleasure to yield their bodies to demons.

sexual perversion and activities are going to become more public and tolerated, and actually accepted as normal behavior.

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