3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: Characteristics of a Christian Leader

“The World Shaker’s Heart”

Acts 17:16

The Apostle Paul has been presented as the ultimate Christian Soldier (Veteran’s Day service, 2001). Today’s purpose is to use Paul to illustrate the ultimate Christian Leader.

We are called by God to be followers of Him as dear a child we are also called to be leaders. Each believer must lead others to faith in Christ.

I. A true Leader

A. Serves God by serving others.

1. It has been said if you think your leading, look behind you. If no one is following you all your doing is taking a walk.

2.People will follow a true Christian leader.

a. A leader may not always be popular, and may not always impress others.

b. A Christian leader is motivated by love and concern for

other people, not personal glory, position, status, or title.

c. A true Christian leader is willing to go all the way, pay

full fare, and then go the extra mile.

B. A leader’s attitude

- Do you see service to other people as a menial task to be performed by low skilled, low paid persons?

- Do you see service to other people as a task perform for God as an expression of your love and devotion to Him?

C. A Christian leader’s attitude

- will put others first, before their own agenda

- does not put self on hold for other people, but forgets about self entirely

- becomes intentionally aware of people’s needs

- becomes available to help meet those needs

- is able to accept the importance of others over self

D. What deters service?

- Insecurity! The man that thinks he is too important to serve is insecure in his position as leader.

- The way we treat other people is the way we see ourselves. The problem in the church is that we do treat people as we expect to be treated and we do love others as we love ourselves.

- Law of Empowerment says, only a secure leader empowers others to serve, and serves others.

E. A true Christian leader initiates service to others.

1. Any cornered rat will fight!

2. Will any cornered leader serve?

3. Do you serve out of compulsion or crises?

II. A true Christian leader

A. Looks for needs

B. Seizes the opportunity

C. Serves without exception

- find a need that breaks your heart and allow God to break your back to fill that need

- The extent of a Christian leader’s influence in life directly depends upon that person’s level of concern, love, and service to others.

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