Summary: Our passage speak about abiding in Christ. To abide in Christ is to abide in His Word & way. As we abide in His Word & way the Holy Spirit teaches us & molds us into the image of God’s Son. Abiding in Christ is the practice of righteous, which is the w

1 JOHN 2: 24-29


[John 15: 1-11]

We reveal our value of Jesus Christ by the degree to which we allow the life of Christ to be reproduced in our lives. To know that Jesus Christ was characterized by love & yet not demonstrate His love proves that we think little of Jesus. To know that Jesus was submissive to the Father & then live in rebellion to His will & way proves we think little of Jesus. To see the holiness, righteousness, & obedience of Christ yet continue to walk after the manner of this world shows we have little esteem for Christ & His work. Only as the life of Christ is faithfully reproduced in ours can we truthfully say we think highly of Jesus Christ.

Our passage today speak about abiding in Christ. To abide in Christ is to abide in His Word & way. As we abide in His Word & way the Holy Spirit teaches us & molds us into the image of God’s Son. Abiding in Christ is the practice of righteous, which is the way of Christ-likeness.




The readers must see to it that the Word they have heard from the beginning remains in them. Verse 24, “As for you, let that abide in you which you heard from the beginning. If what you heard from the beginning abides in you, you also will abide in the Son and in the Father.”

These Christians had heard the gospel, very likely from John himself. They knew that Christ was God's Son, that He died for their sins and was raised from the dead to give them new life, and that He would return and establish His kingdom in its fullness. The host of hell is diametrically opposed to this teaching. So their fellowship was being infiltrated by teachers who denied these basic doctrines of the Christian faith, and some of the believers were in danger of succumbing to false arguments. John encouraged them to hold on to the Christian truth, the Word of God, they heard at the beginning of their walk with Christ.

It is important to grow in our knowledge of the Lord, to deepen our understanding through careful study, and to teach these truths to others. But no matter how much we learn, we must never abandon the basic truths about Christ. Jesus will always be God's Son, and His sacrifice for our sins is permanent. No truth will ever contradict these teachings in the Bible.

The word “abide” is a very important word in John’s writings, particular his gospel. To abide [menō] means “to remain, stay, dwell or rest in.” The word is practical and warmly personal. It is an invitation to settle into a genuine relationship and enjoy the fellowship and the perspective. Abide is the word that Jesus uses in the promises He makes to His disciples the night before His crucifixion.“Abide in Me and I in you” (John 15:4).

Here it indicates that we are to live in these truths, or in the Word and therefore abide or live in both the Son and Father. Abide in or let His Word and your relationship with God continually affect your life. If you do you will have your proof that you are truly God’s adopted Son.

Remain in “expresses a continuing of relationship. It is not enough merely to have heard and assented to the message in time past. The message must continue to be present and active in the lives of those who have heard it (John 15:4-5). They must continually call it to mind and let it affect their lives. This is why continual study of the Word and participation in Christian instruction is so important for perseverance in the faith.” [Marshall, I. Howard. NICNT. Eerdmans. Grands Rapids. 1978. p. 161]. If they would “abide” or “be at home” in the Word, they would continue to “abide” in the fellowship of God the Father and God the Son.

For those who let the Word remain in them there is an appropriate reward given in verse 25. “And this is the promise which He Himself made to us: eternal life.”

God has promised those in whom the Father and Son abide eternal life [or life of the ages (αἰώνιον)]. This life is experienced not only in heaven but here on earth by those who abide in Jesus Christ, by those who remain in His Word and Way. Eternal life is not simply the length of time after death, but the quality of life which is now ours and will eternally be ours throughout the ages. Those who abide in the Son experience this life here and now. What a precious promise God has made to those who abide in Him!

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