Summary: Abortion goes against the bible in the old and new testatment and is contray to all of God's teaching!

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1. Please open your bibles to Psalm 139:13&14.

2. Over the past two weeks there has probably more on TV and more from various news sources about Haiti and the loss of the 200,000 due to the earthquake than any other news story covered.

3. The story of Haiti and the tremendous difficulties encountered in getting the food, the water, the medical supplies and other necessities to the people of Haiti after those things arrived at the airport has repeatedly been covered on the news and every bit of it needed to be on the news.

4. Reports tell us that besides the 200,000 that were killed, there are over 2 million that are homeless. Reports also tell us that there are at least 250,000 that were injured! Reports tell us that there are probably 20 to 30 thousand Americans have not been found in Haiti.

5. All of these and many more statics are heart rending!

6. However, do you know what this Sunday represents to the United States?

7. Did you know that this last Sunday in the month of January represents Sanctity of Human Life?

8. “Sanctity of Life” refers to life being sacred. Life being precious and important.

9. In January of 1973, the Supreme Court declared open season on unborn babies when they shamefully invented a "right" to abortion in their Roe v. Wade decision making null and void laws protecting unborn babies in all 50 states.

10. Over the past 37 years over 51,000,000 innocent babies have been murdered.

11. Today throughout the United States those who disagree with the Supreme Court and the legalizing of abortion will renew their drive to unite and try to overturn abortion by emphasising that life for a baby begins at conception.

12. This group refers to themselves as the National Pro-Life Alliance, a national grass-roots, pro-life organization with more than 650,000 members nationwide. The Executive Director of this group is Mary King.

13 The tragedy of Haiti is a horrible tragedy and it will take years to help them rebuild.

14. However, the abortion tragedy is a greater tragedy and it is right under the nose of everyone that lives in the United States.

The abortion tragedy exist in the large cities. The abortion tragedy exist in small towns and rural communities.

We are talking about a problem nation wide throughout the United States.

15. Let’s discuss some things about the unborn and abortion.



1. Turn to Psalm 139:13&14. This passage teaches that the unborn are formed by God.

Let’s read Psalm 139:13&14, “………………………” Not just conceived by parents, but also “formed” by God!

2. Turn to Isaiah 44:2. This passage also teaches that the unborn are formed by God.

Let’s read Isaiah 44:2, “……………..”

3. Turn to Jeremiah 1:4&5. This passage again teaches that the unborn are formed by God. Let’s read Jeremiah 1:4&5, “……………..”

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