Summary: There is no sin that the blood of Christ can not wash away and make as white as snow. As much as Jesus hates the sin, He Loves the sinner

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December 6, 2005

Text Proverbs 6:16-17 ...The Lord hates …… hands that shed innocent blood.

When I entered my usual coffee stop this morning, I noticed a discarded newspaper on top of the garbage can. I like to read –what luck – I saved 50 cents. I should have read the comics and done the easier of the two crossword puzzles instead of reading the whole paper. An article about a bird problem in Connecticut caught my attention. It seems that some formerly domestic parakeets were deliberately or accidentally released over the last forty years. These birds have made 200 pound nests in utility poles causing fires and blackouts. People are outraged that the nests are being removed and the birds destroyed. I, too, like birds and feel bad. Unless they turn the entire state into a wildlife preserve, the needs of the human population must be given priority. I do, however, wonder if the protestors ate turkey at their Thanksgiving meal?

The next article I read had to do with global warming. It seems that due to possible climate changes, some wildlife in Yosemite National Park are headed for higher elevations. Other causes for the migration were suggested, but none of the theories were conclusive. One of the species affected is the California pocket mouse. Yes, you heard me correctly – we are concerned about the well being of a relative of that delightful animal that helped to spread the black plague.

The next species discussed in an article had nothing to due with the pretty birds or the cute little mice. It seems that the human species, created in the image of God, has become an inconvenience for some. Yes save the birds, save the mice, kill the humans. The article was written by an “enlightened” pro-abortion atheist. He likes the idea that the city of Pittsburgh, Pa is attempting to enact new regulations to protect abortion facilities from fundamentalist religions that are “an affront to democracy”. Crazy me, I always though that a primary function of democracy was to protect people from harm. He and his leader, Satan, who is the master of lies – the prince of this world –the lover of euphenisms -- both shamelessly call abortion a “surgical procedure”. Surgical procedures save lives. Surgery repairs damaged body parts, removes dangerous tumors and restores bodily functions. Surgeons remember their oath and try to heal people. Surgeons endeavor to do no harm. The surgeon’s hands are guided by God. The abortionist starts with two patients and intentionally kills one of them. Skulls are pierced, brain material is suctioned out, body parts are ripped apart, blood flows freely, garbage cans are full of horribly mutilated human remains. To call abortion a surgical procedure is a complete distortion of reality. The abortionist’s hands are guided by Satan. Abortionists are in it for the money, it is a business for them, the money alows them to live extravagantly. No one with a conscience could earn their living this way. They are Satan’s zombies goose stepping off to do Satan’s work every day. They are not competent to practice real medicine. A trained monkey could do their job. In fact, since they are all believers in Darwin’s theory of evolution, they do consider themselves to be trained monkeys.

It denigrates the meat cutting profession to call them butchers. A butcher takes an animal provided by God and carefully cuts it such a way as to use every possible part. He cuts it so that it is attractive for the consumerer to buy. Very little is wasted. God’s creation is valued, God is honored. Contrast this with how the abortionist treats God’s creation. God’s gift is thrown in the trash.

The author of this article needs to examine abortion in the light of the truth and skip the euphenisms. All that abortion and surgery have in common is that the same tools are used for diametrically opposed purposes.

I guess this issue of the paper did, in fact, belong in the garbage.

The Biblical truth is clear on this question. Life begins at conception. God knitted us in the womb. God made man, God owns man and God has commanded us not to kill man. Any argument justifying abortion can only be supported by self indulgent, selfish, sinful thinking. Thinking that is totally contrary to God’s word. Followers of Jesus the Christ – the Messiah – who feel they have the right to actually kill an unborn child need to examine the Biblical facts, the teachings of Christ, and get on their knees and confess and repent. Church bodies that lie about this to their members need to heed God’s word, confess, and repent. Liberal get along, go along churches need to tremble at Jesus’ words. “ And if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone tied around his neck.”(Mark 9:41) Any Christian Church that examines the facts, that looks at the evidence, the results of abortion stuffed into garbage cans, the creation of God destroyed, the blood flowing,must come to this Biblical conclusion. Only a completely hardened heart, totally void of the Holy Spirit could look at this and not repent.

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Mitchell Leonard

commented on Sep 29, 2014

Excellent....Full of Truth......Boldness Thank you

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