Summary: In Three major religions, Abraham is called the "Friend of God." This sermon explores the character and attributes of Abraham that cause him to be held in such high esteem by God.


James 2:23; II Chron. 20:7; Isa. 41:8

Intro: In three different passages in the Bible, Abraham is referred to as “the friend of God.” He is the father of the faithful. He is a central figure in three world religions: Moslem, Judaism, and Christianity. What was it about this man that made him so great? What made him different from other men? Can we, like Abraham, be a friend of God?

I. Background Gen. 11 - 25

A. Son of Terah, an idol worshipper. Josh. 24:1-2

B. Born in Ur of the Chaldees (Iraq) in 1900 B.C. Gen. 11:27:28

C. Married his half-sister, Sarai. Gen. 11:29; 20:12

D. Moved to Haran where his father died. Gen. 11:32

E. Called by God at the age of 75. Moved to Canaan. Gen. 12:10-20

F. Famine drove him to Egypt. Gen. 12:10-20

G. Abram becomes wealthy. Gen. 13:2

H. Abram and Lot separate. Gen. 13:1-14

I. God promises Abram the land. Gen. 13:15-18

J. Abram rescues Lot. Gen. 14:1-16

K. Melchizedek blesses Abram. Gen. 14:17-24

L. God promises Abram an heir. Gen. 15

M. Ismael is born of Hagar. Gen. 16

N. Abram’s name is changed to Abraham. Gen. 17

O. Sodom and Gomorrah. Gen. 18-19

P. Abraham visits Kadesh and Gerar. Gen. 20

Q. Isaac is Born. Gen. 21

R. Isaac is almost sacrificed. Gen. 22:1-14

S. God reaffirmed his covenant with Abraham. Gen. 22:15-20

T. Sarah dies at the age of 127. Gen. 23

U. Rebeccah marries Isaac. Gen. 24

V. Abraham dies. Gen. 25

II. Character traits.

A. Generous.

1. Gives Lot first choice of the land when they separate. Gen. 13:9

2. Gave spoils to the king of Sodom. Gen. 14:17-24

B. Loyal to his family. Gen. 14:13-14

C. Courageous. Gen. 14:14-16

D. Honored God. Gen. 14:22-24

E. Hospitable. Gen. 18:2-8

F. Compassionate. Gen. 21:14

G. Cowardly. Gen. 12:13; 20:11

IV. Relationship to God.

A. Monotheistic in a polytheistic world. Exalted God as:

1. The Most High God. Gen. 14:22

2. A Just God. Gen. 18:25

3. The Eternal God. Gen. 21:33

4. The God of Heaven and Earth. Gen. 24:3

B. Abraham was a prophet of God. Gen. 20:7

C. Abraham was a man of prayer.

1. Prayed for Ismael. Gen. 15:21

2. Prayed for Abimelech. Gen. 20:17

D. Abraham was a man of faith.

1. When he left Haran. Gen. 12:4

2. When he believed God’s promise of a son. Gen. 15:1-6

3. When he attempted to sacrifice Isaac. Gen. 22:1-10

Conclusion: Abraham was a good man who honored God. He was loyal, generous, courageous, hospitable, and compassionate. He was a prophet of God. Abraham was also a flawed man who was cowardly more than once. What made him special? Abraham was a man of prayer and a man of faith.

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