3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: Just as God has a Word for Abram to keep him going, God also has a word for you and me. This passage of the text helps us to understand how God communicates with us.

Abraham: Following In the Footsteps Of Faith


Gen. 15:1-6

Intro: Years ago Dr. Seuss published a children’s book entitled "Horton Hears a Who". This book is about an elephant named Horton who hears voices coming from a little speck of dust. The story relates how Horton placed the speck of dust on a clover bloom and did his best to protect the tiny residents inside that speck of dust from the other animals who could not hear the voices rising from the dust particle. As the story develops, Horton learns that the race living inside that speck of dust were the "Who’s". They lived in a town called Whoville and needed a protector to prevent them from being blown about by the wind, or destroyed by other means. Of course, the other animals in the jungle do not believe Horton and give him a hard time about his belief that a tiny race inhabits a particle of dust. They try to destroy the speck of dust and they even try to tie Horton up. Eventually, all the "Who’s" in "Whoville" join their voices and shout in unison so that they might be heard by the animals who have tormented Horton about his strange beliefs. They are finally heard when the tiniest "Who" of them all, a tiny, yo-yo throwing tike by the name of "Jo Jo" lifts his voice and says "Yupp". To make a long story short, there are two great moral lessons taught in "Horton Hears a Who." The first is that we should be kind to all people, even when others refuse to be. The second is that even the smallest of the small is an important person. You may wonder what this has to do with our text. The answer lies in the fact that Horton heard a voice one day that forever changed his life.

In our text, Abram hears the "Word of the LORD" and this word from God changed his life. In Abram’s day, he was just one insignificant person among millions of other people, but God had a special plan for his life. To God, Abram was of supreme importance. In this passage, Abram receives a word from the Lord concerning his Fear, his Future and his Faith. What he heard changed his life forever. He receive a word from the Lord and it revolutionized his life.

By the way, of all the possessions we have in this world, none can compare to the Word of God! To be able to hold in our hands the complete and perfect revelation of God to man is a treasure without equal. In this passage, God had a word for Abram, but He also has a word for you and me this morning. Let’s listen in on this conversation between the Lord and Abram. Let’s hear the words that Abram heard and see what they have to teach us about our own walk with the Lord.


Abram has just returned from a great military victory. During the course of the campaign, he made a bitter enemy in king Chedorlaomer. This king was mighty enough to come against Sodom and the cities of the plain, surely Abram felt that he too was in danger of attack from this king from the East. God has a word to comfort him in his fear.

A. The Peace That Comes From Knowing God

• This is the first time the phrase "fear not" is used in the Bible.

• But, thank God, it will not be the last!

• Men may encourage us to walk in peace and fear not, but their words are empty and without power.

• However, when the Lord comes and speaks peace to your heart, fear must take flight!

• Remember the Disciples in the ship

• He is still the great "I AM".

• Let him on your vessel and he will calm your storm!

B. The Protection That Comes From Knowing God

• Abram didn’t need to fear the attack of his enemies.

o The Lord was all around him and all he had providing perfect protection day and night.

• Those who are the Lord’s are sheltered by Him all the time.

C. The Prize That Comes From Knowing God

• Abram is a man who had left home and family to follow God, but as yet, he had not received even the slightest hint of all that he has been promised.

o He is also a man who gave up much when he refused the offer of the king of Sodom.

o Now, the Lord comes by to remind Abram that if one has the Lord, they possess everything!

• What earthly treasure can compare with God’s love, grace, mercy, salvation, forgiveness, presence, peace, power, heaven, hope, etc?

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