Summary: The condition of God’s blessings is absolute, total surrender. If we are willing to do this, there is no end to what God will do for us!


A) We are living in a day where people are so wrapped up in themselves – “Me, My, and Mine!”

* People are living their lives without God, and even some Christians are living their lives with

God not in first place, and they’re expecting God to pour His blessings out on them!

* The condition of God’s blessings is absolute, total surrender ... Total surrender of everything into

His hands! * Let me show you from the Bible ... Matt. 6:25-34

* If we are willing to do this, there is no end to what God will do for us!

B) God has an overflow of blessings! * How many are ready to live in God’s overflow?

* How many of you are willing to surrender yourselves absolutely into God’s hands?

* THEN REPEAT AFTER ME: “Dear God, You are the potter, I am the clay ...”

* “Make me and mold me after Thy will ... Today, I want to make plans for the overflow of Your

blessings.” * “I give You my life in absolute, total surrender ... In Jesus name ... Amen.”

(1) GOD EXPECTS YOUR SURRENDER – v. 2-3! * Hag. 2:8 * Psa. 50:12 “The world is ...”

A) When God made this world, everything He made is in absolute surrender to Him!

* The sun, the moon, the stars, the flowers, the trees, the grass, the animals, and even humans were

created in absolute surrender to God ... Genesis 1 .......

B) Everything He made was made for a purpose!

* To be used properly, it must be absolutely surrendered in the hand of the person using it!

* Illustrate: A Microphone ... Ink Pen ... Screw Driver ... Hammer ... Golf club ... etc.

* In order for that instrument to be used, it must be absolutely surrendered in the hand of the

master! * If it is not surrendered, then it cannot be used!

C) Each of us was created for a specific purpose, and we must be absolutely surrendered in the

hand of God! * And if we’re not, we cannot be used!

* Notice that each one of these instruments up here had totally different jobs to do .......

* A microphone can’t be an ink pen ... Ink pen can’t be a screwdriver ... Hammer, a golf club ...

* Are you surrendered in the hands of the Master?

* What Ben-hadad asked was absolute surrender, and what Ahab gave was what was asked of him,

absolute surrender! * v. 7 “I denied him not.”

D) God will accept your surrender! * There is only one way that God accepts your surrender ...

* You have to be empty of yourself! * Luke 9:23 “And he said to them all, If any man will come

after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.”

* For instance ... If I am going to fill this empty glass with some drink, the glass must be totally

emptied and yielded to that which is in the glass!

E) Let me illustrate: Suppose I put vinegar in the glass first and then I pour the drink in the glass!

* What is the problem? * The glass was not empty ... It did not give all of itself to hold the drink! * Likewise God cannot fill you, until you are absolutely surrendered to Him!

* You’ve been praying for the blessings of God ... You’ve been praying for the overflow .......

* But remember there must be absolute surrender to God! * Empty yourself and let God fill you!

C) What do we need to surrender to God today? * Five things .......


A) Let’s break these two verses down and try to get an understanding what they mean!

* “I beseech you.” * Greek authorities tell us that the verb used here is a strong word and very

hard to render into English.

* It could’ve been translated, “I beg you earnestly,” or “I entreat you,” or “I exhort you.”

* It has a deep meaning, as if God Himself were on His knees before His people, begging them to

give themselves over to Him.

B) “Brethren,” tells of who Paul was speaking to, and to become one, you must be saved!

* “By the mercies of God,” * Has God shown you mercy?

* If He has, that should cause us to have a desire to give ourselves to Him!

* “Present,” is a temple term for the bringing of anything to God!

* It carries the idea of making ourselves a sacrificial offering to God.

C) “Bodies,” is the term for the whole man ... Body, soul and spirit!

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