Summary: When we fail to tithe, the door to the devil is left open



TEXT- MALACHI 3:10, MATTHEW 23:23, GENESIS 14:20, PROV 3:1-3

Tithing is directly associated with opening the windows of heaven. This opening is what releases the blessings of God, His abundant provision upon His people. No matter what fields of business we are in, we all depend on some things that are completely out of our control. The opening of the windows of heaven refers to those situations that we have no control over. God says He will arrange favorable circumstances for us in certain areas if we are faithful in bringing the tithe to his storehouse.

PRINCIPLES AND PURPOSE OF TITHING: Gen 4:3-5; Heb 11:4; 1 Cor 16:1-3

(a) God deserves the best- Prov 3:9 – Abel offered fat portion from some of the first born of his flock. The Lord looked with favour on Abel and his offering.

(b) God will get my best each week/month – 1cor 16:29

(c) God will get a minimum of 10% as each person gives in keeping with his income – 1 cor 16:29

(d) God will be glorified through my gifts – Eph 5:20. The source or means of acquisition of the resources must be acceptable to God.

(e) God will be praised through my gift/tithe 2 cor 9:7.

(f) My attitude must be right – Mal 1:3, Luke 18:10-14

(g) Store house tithing means the tithe is given to your local church. It is God’s way of growth. As everyone gives according to his ability together, enough money is raised to carry on the ministry of preaching the gospel - Deut 12:4-7


The borrowing of Jewels and raiment by the Israelites became the seed for God’s people to give gifts to:

i. Worship God

ii. To support the priests

iii. To provide for maintenance of God’s house

iv. To prosper individually - Deut 12:22

THE CURSE OF NO TITHING – Mal 3:9, Prov 26:2

Throughout scripture both blessings and curses are promised as a result of th choices we make, either of the two can impact a person’s life in a powerful way. When we fail to tithe, we invite a curse into our lives, that brings with it loss of many good things. However when brought to the house of the Lord, it becomes a blessing. – Joshua 6:16-19; 7:10-12.


When we fail to tithe, the door to the devil is left open. The devourer is able to gain access to the resources and provisions of our lives and destroy them – John 10:10. When we tithe, our source of income is protected from destruction.

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