Summary: Say YES to a challenge for you will always prosper when you walk with God

Key verse:

Joshua 1:9

...Be strong & courageous.

Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged,

for the Lord your God will be with you

wherever you go.

In life you will always have to fight to be able to have your own place and name. If you are wise, you will know that every challenge in life offers you so much experience and knowledge you will use in the long journey of your existence. In the battle you may not always win but remember that every defeat makes you wiser when you know how to rise again. And as you get up, ponder on what made you defeated and learn from it so that on the next encounter, you will never fail again.

Don’t be contented with just listening to what other people saw and experienced – go see and experience for yourself. Don’t get fond of making illusions, make that illusions happen. When there is no way for it yet, make your own path and let others follow your trail but it all starts with you saying YES to a challenge.

This verse is not only instructed to Joshua but this is given to you as well. You need to have the courage to say yes to every challenge. God’s words are reliable so you need not to worry. He told you not to be afraid because He will be with you wherever you go. This must be enough for you to face every obstacle along the way. So when you are faced with a challenge? Say YES!

You may face fortified walls that would make you think it’s impossible to conquer but remember it was not with cannon that walls of Jericho fell down it was destroyed all because of the courage of the people during Joshua’s generation to go, say YES to God’s instruction and with just a loud shout – boom - the great and fortified wall of Jericho was knocked out.

You may be an inexperienced warrior and you stand against a veteran and gigantic opponent but bear in mind that Goliath the giant died at the hands of a young David using only a sling and a stone.

We all love to listen to these stories of triumph and victories from other people, how about letting us listen to your stories of success as well. Start creating your stories now that people will soon tell to their children – a chronicle of your hard work and struggle that lead to achievement and celebration.

You can for God is with you!

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