Summary: Sure you would go to the Prodigal’s party. Sure after he slept around, left his wife, spent all the money, you would accept him back completely. Or would you really?



TEXT: LUKE 15:11-32

Timothy Johns was the typically successful sales man in the community. He had great people skills and a super personality. He worked for the local insurance agency for the last 20 years. He started when he was 20 years old, and has been the leading salesman for the last 19 years. He is affluent, good looking, and has friends throughout the town. This is why the elders of the local church of Christ made him a deacon. The people had church loved him. He would bring new people to the congregation on a monthly basis. No one knew for sure of how many people he influenced that became Christians but someone guessed close to 100 hundred. He was engaged in the mission work of the congregation heavily. He had the best attitude about church in the world. He loved the church, the people, and the elders. Everyone knew that the next time the congregation appointed some more elders, Timothy was going to be one for sure.

The only person that was more popular than Timothy was his wife. Jane was beautiful with a capital “b”. She was involved in the children’s ministry and taught one of the 3 grade classes. She was raising three beautiful children. She was a quiet and loving woman. She would not be the life of the party, that was Timothy’s role, but she was everyone’s friend. She would write cards, make presents, and send food to anyone in the congregation that needed help. The only problem people had with the Johns was a little envy. The family seemed so perfect. And it was.

This is why everyone was shocked the day that they heard Timothy left Jane. The women wondered why. The men thought he was foolish or insane. She seemed like the perfect wife. As rumors flew around town there were completing stories. Some said they were fighting, some said there was an affair, and some said he was too stressed from work. No one really knew for two weeks. See Timothy left town. Jane was worried sick. All she had was a letter he left her one day when he went to work. She never even read it until that evening because he always wrote love letters to her and left them on the kitchen table. She thought he was working late, so she sat down to read the letter.

This is not working out, I need to move out. Please understand that I need to experience the world. I am 40 years now, I have taken some of our money, I have left enough for you and the children to be happy. If we never see each other again, thank you for being my wife.

Jane’s eyes started to drain tears. What, how could he, what was going on? She never saw this happening.

She knew nothing for another two weeks, but then the story started to come in. Timothy called: He was in Las Vegas. He was cold and distant. How are the kids he asked. Jane did not know how to response. Hurt she said. Confused she cried. Why did you leave she asked. I just had too was he response and he hung up the phone.

About a month or so later, the credit card bills started to come in. Jane looked at them. The bunny ranch in Vegas she thought, she heard of that on T.V. It was a place of prostitution. Huge bills from the Casinos. It did not take Jane long to realize that Timothy was having sex and going to strip clubs and gambling.

After another three months passed, Timothy called again. This time Jane was angry and confronted him on his actions. She said “You are sleeping with harlots and gambling all our money away.” What are you doing and what has happened to you. He confessed. I have a problem with sex, I cannot stop, I am addicted to this. I am sorry but this is what I want to do. I just cannot stop myself he said. He hung up the phone and Jane started to cry. She was so hurt. It disgusted her to think about her husband with these women. She went to the bathroom and threw up over and over again.

Jane went into a deep depression. For the next three months she could not pull herself from her bed. Finally after 9 more mouths she made the choice to move on with her life. Timothy had not called. She stopped seeing the Credit Card bills. He stilled that he was gone for good. Until one Monday afternoon. The kids were in the front yard playing on their bikes. She noticed a man walking down the country road. He heart leaped inside her. It was like she say a ghost. But she knew that walk a mile away. His head was down and his face was sad. Jane jumped out of her seat, ran down the road as fast as she could. She grab Timothy with all of her might. Timothy just started to mumble. I am sorry, I am sorry. She only heard sorry because she was kissing his face over and over again. Her husband was back, he was home. She yelled to the children to go get him his clothes, to bring him a drink. Their father was home now. Her husband was home.

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