Summary: Was Joseph of Arimathea a believer of Jesus Christ?

Next week, we will worship God by celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to this world. Actually, next week, I would like us to think about Jesus before He was born on earth and our future with Christ!

If we really think about it and pause about the truth, Christmas already happened and we are to live with that glorious history as we anticipate the future with Emmanuel, God with us! Of course we should celebrate birthdays; but let us not forget that Jesus was born on earth to suffer and die for our sins!

As we finish the Gospel of Mark, I find it interesting that whether it is Christmas or the death and burial of Jesus Christ, it is always about God calling people to His Eternal Kingdom! How are we responding to our God today? Answer the call of God to His Kingdom by believing and living in Jesus Christ!

Let us learn from God’s eternal word for us in Mark 15….. We had noted:

v1-20: Jesus’ crucifixion was perfectly executed in time schedule and human events!

v21-41: Jesus understood the doubts of the disciples but never gave up on them!

God will never give up on us; the question is, do we ever give up on Jesus Christ in our daily lives?

Let us keep this in mind: God’s plans are always perfect and happens at the right time and never gives up on us even though we doubt! Do we really know what time it is and God’s plan for us personally? Yes it is the Christmas season; but what is God’s season for the world right now? God desires for us to grasp His Eternal Kingdom by grasping His time schedule right now and live accordingly.

Read along with me Mark 15:v42-47 and glean from God’s Word….

1. Was Joseph of Arimathea a Believer of God? Why??

Joseph of Arimathea was a Believer because He believed in the Messiah (waiting for the Kingdom of God)!

Look again at v47… and read briefly with me Mark 16:1-7….

By the way, the sons Joseph and James were likely Jesus’ brothers!

2. Were Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Joseph Believers of God? Why??

Mary and Mary were Believers for they followed Jesus and were called disciples by God’s angel!

3. Why do you think God placed v44-45 in Scripture??

a. Pilate could have been looking for a miracle to believe! Pilate was surprised that Jesus was already dead when he heard Jesus said He is the Messiah! Pilate didn’t get it; he didn’t faith in God’s Word

b. God gave us another testimony that Jesus was dead!

c. Why did Pilate just give the body??

Because Pilate didn’t have faith in God’s Words, As a non-believer Pilate didn’t care what happened to Jesus.

4. Now, as Believers, what can we learn from:

a. Joseph of Arimathea??

Joseph worshiped Jesus by giving, ministering, and honoring!

b. Mary and Mary??

Observed, followed, and loved Jesus (Mark 16)!

And so, what are the application questions for us today?

A. Are we truly Believers of Christ or we really don’t care what happens to Jesus? As true Believers, we are to know what Jesus said, what He did, where Jesus is now, and what our future is with Jesus!

B. How aware are we of the Kingdom of God?

As a Christian, we are to put on the Helmet of Salvation always (Citizens of Heaven Forever!)

C. How is our daily worship of Jesus Christ? What can we learn from Mary and Mary?

Take a moment to quietly ponder and pray about these things………..

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