Summary: This sermon will focus around two people, whose names are Adam and Eve


Adam and Eve were the first two people created by God. Both of these people were created by God for two different purposes. Today we will discuss these purposes and describe how these two people stand on their own. Just like you and I stand on our own.

Point one

Adam was the first male created by God. Adam was created by God to look over the land that God had created. Adam was also the person that God trusted to name all of the animals that God had created. Adam had a lot of responsibility, but at the same time he was the only person at one point and time.

Point two

Eve was created to be Adam' helper and mate. She was created by the rib of Adam, this is probably why we call Eve Adam's mate, because she came from the rib of Adam. Eve's main purpose was to be Adam's helper and they were to work together as a team. Much like a husband and a wife are suppose to do once they get married.

Point three

Eve was tempted by Satan in the garden of Eden, and she fell to the temptation. God told Adam and Eve that they could eat from any tree but that of the tree of knowedlge. She ate from that tree which God told them not to eat from. She would even give the fruit to her husband and he would eat it as well. Then they both noticed that they were naked and would try to hide from God.


When Adam and Eve commited this sin they made it bad for the rest of humankind. This is because they sinned against God. God would punish them both not just one of them. He (God) punished them by kicking them out of the garden and making them work for their food now. Reason being is because they had sinned against God by disobeying what God had told them not to do.

Final thought

We find out in this story that we are not the first people to sin against God. We also notice that we all have to pay the price for the sins that we commit against God. This is basically because our God is a fair God not an unfair God. Adam and Eve both sinned against God by eatting the fruit, Adam is at fault because he ate the fruit. Please notice that Eve was not the only one punished Adam was too. None of us are perfect because of this sin, but that God Almighty we serve a forgiving God, who sent his one and only son Jesus to die for our sins, so that one day we may enter into the kingdom of heaven. To enter the kingdom you must accept the trinity FATHER SON AND HOLY GHOST INTO YOUR HEART. If you are reading this message today it is not to late to call on a saviour and become saved....AMEN!

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