Summary: Heading in a new direction

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A Different Direction!

Acts 9:1-18

There’s a disease that many of our children are labeled with. You know - the ones who seem to talk excessively. Bounce off the walls. Become distracted by the slightest sound. You know the ones that the teacher prays that the parents did not run out of medication for. You know the one who spends more time in detention because they can’t pay attention. The ones that have been suspended from school more than they attended class. The one family members avoid. The one that have angered parents - agitated neighbors - aggravated church members. They call it Attention Deficit Disorder or A.D.D.. Nine times out of ten these children diagnosed with this disease are over medicated and their brains are under stimulated by the activities of what they feel is a mundane environment. The minds of most of these children are active and their imagination is extensive. The activities around don’t hold their attention because there is not enough titillation - not enough umph to capture and keep them interested.

These children are put into classes for slow learners - labeled as trouble makers - assumed to be misfits. Well I am here to tell you that though there are a few children who may have this disease and could be considered as having some type of mental disability, for the most part they are simply children whose minds are working overtime therefore the world is the one that is "slow".

Though they may not be on the same page as others - it could simply be that they march to a beat of a different drummer. It’s not that these children are difficult = they are simply different. These children don’t have to be considered problem kids - but with the proper tools and someone to show love and be willing to make sacrifices to ensure that their needs are met and they are not left behind - A.D.D. children don’t have to be considered as mental deficient - but instead A.D.D in all reality simply stands for A different direction.

Well this morning I got news for you, though I don’t suffer with this thing they label so many of our black boys with - Attention Deficit Disorder - I am A.D.D.!-

You see my father loved me enough to be willing to sacrifice his only child - provided me with the necessary tools of instruction to insure I would not have to be left behind.

My God saw the direction we as mankind had taken - and saw that our actions had totally sent us spiraling out of control. He decided to give each of us an opportunity when he gave us Jesus - and that was a chance to go a different direction! - A.D.D!

Now look at this scripture lesson we are coming from this morning. Look at Saul whose name was later changed to Paul, whose goal in life was to persecute - punish - and eliminate Christians. He went to the high priest and obtained permission to do the very same. But on the road to Damascus - Saul had an A. D. D. Experience . Look at verses 3 through 9 where we find Saul on his journey when suddenly a bright light startles him and he hears the voice of the Lord asking him why he hates him so. When Saul asked who was speaking and the reply that he heard was "Jesus" I imagined he became somewhat fearful. He knew of this man Jesus that these Christians were preaching about and rejoicing in. He knew of his birth, his life, but he also knew of his death. So imagine his level of fear when he heard the name "Jesus"! A man who hated Christians and everything they stood for - you know = Christ - was now bowing to the same - receiving instruction to get up and go into the city where he would receive additional information. Lost his sight - had to be guided by his partners. A different direction!

Now go on further into the scripture - God calls upon one of the faithful few - one of the Old Stewards of the church to go and meet with this man Saul. And guess what = just like in many churches today the old member immediately began pointing out the mistakes of this potential new member. "Ah, God, I don’t know about this one. This dude got a pretty long rap sheet. He done a lot of dirt. He has done some terrible things. He ain’t like us. He’s made a whole lot of mistakes." But glory be to God that man is not the determining agent to who can and who can’t be used by God! (vs 15) Read it - you will find the Lord didn’t listen = in fact he cut him off and responded "Go - I want to use him to tell folk who would otherwise reject me. I want him to be a living testimony of my ability. I want somebody to be able to see I can use anybody. I want him to go in A different direction!

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