Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: The two years following the Birth of the Lord Jesus Christ

After Jesus’ Birth

Pastor Eric J. Hanson

December 30, 2012

I. Eight days later: In the Temple

a. Luke 2: 21-35 Simeon

b. Luke 2: 36-40 Anna (“all them that looked for redemption…”)

II. The visit of the Magi (Wise Men from the region of Modern Iraq)

a. Matthew 2:1-2 (the star was…) Explain who these men were (Daniel 2: 1-13) Explain Daniel’s saving of them (14-18 –calling on God, 19 God answers, 20-23 Daniel worships, 24-30 Getting ready to tell the king this matter, 31-45 Telling the dream, 46-49 King Nebuchadnezzar humbled himself before God and promoted Daniel and his friends.)

b. The caravan of the Wise Men was large and alarming to Herod.

c. (3-12) Regional king Herod was a deceiver and only interested in preserving his own power. God cannot be fooled!

d. The gifts: Gold is incorruptible and of great value. Jesus is the eternal and incorruptible King. Frankincense was part of the anointing oil for priestly Temple service. Jesus is the great high Priest. Myrrh was also part of the anointing oil for the priests, but it was also used in preparing bodies for burial, and it speaks of Jesus being the coming sacrifice for the sin of the World.

III. The escape into Egypt (Matthew 2:13-23)

a. This murder of the male babies and toddlers reprises the murder of all the male babies at the time of Moses’ birth, and in each case God preserved a savior for His people in the middle of a culture of death and kingly lies.

b. They returned from Egypt after the death of Herod, and they settled in Nazareth of Galilee.

Capstone of Jesus’ Baby and toddler years (Luke 2:39-40)

What does this mean for us?

1. God worked His plan despite all opposition.

2. God sees all, and He sees you. He cares about people, or He would not have gone to all this pain and effort to provide the Savior.

3. Let’s learn of the Lord in depth, and serve Him with reverence.

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