Summary: A message to help with healing and restoration of Faith

After the Resurrection

Restoring faith

Jesus Appears to the Disciples John 20:19

19 They are assembled for fear of the Jews, came Jesus and stood in the midst, and saith unto them, Peace be unto you.

What happened after resurrection Sunday?

What happened in your life after your Easter Celebration?

When you reach the climax of the celebration of your faith in GOD,

When you Gave him your best Praise ..

what happened to you on Monday Morning?

When a big event happens in life, we usually take time to reflect, celebrate, and move in a new direction.

If you consider some of the major events in your life..

a) Graduation

b) Marriage / or a committed relationship

c) Birth of a Child

d) Divorce or separation from someone you love

e) Retirement

f) Moving to a new house

g) Death of a loved one

h) A major sickness or illness

i) A Prison experience

Sometimes these events can build our faith, and sometimes these major events can shatter our faith

because things happen to us we don’t expect, we are unprepared for, and we have no control over.

This is how the disciples felt after the resurrection!

Their faith was shattered…

Things had not gone as they expected..

They woke up Sunday Morning to one of the worst feelings they ever had..

It seemed like God had forgotten them..

It seemed like God had not answered their prayers..

It seemed like they were alone..

IT seemed like life would never be the same again..

It seemed like they were in a hopeless situation..

They were afraid.. fearful for their own lives..

They locked themselves away in a room.. and began to hide..

What they didn’t realized is that there are some things you cannot lock yourself away from..

There are some events that happen to you in life, that a closed door cannot protect you from….

There are some things that happened in life.. That can reach you behind closed doors,

they can get to you through brick walls,

through iron bars and steel gates,

You go to sleep and wake up and you still have to deal with them no matter how you try to hide..

Jesus knew how the disciples felt..

He knew their faith was shattered…

He knew the guilt and shame they experienced..

He knew the terrible feelings they had about deserting him and betraying him when he needed them most

He understood their personal fears about their own safety and lives

He understood their shattered dreams of taking over Jerusalem and building the type of kingdom they wanted..

He understood, the shame, guilt, sadness, disappointment, and fear!

The Good news for us my brothers and Sisters is GOD knows our issues..

No matter how hard you try ..

You have not hidden your fears from him..

You have not hidden your guilt

You have not hidden your shame

He sees your tears of sadness

He knows all of your disappointments

He wants to restore your Faith Right here and right NOW!

If you just look at Peter…

Can you imagine how he must have Felt?

After denying and lying about he ever even knew Jesus?

After running and hiding and not even standing by his friend during his worst minute?

After seeing Jesus put to death, and willing submitting himself to the crucifixion on the cross..

After doing nothing ..

Taking no risks to keep his word..

Taking no risks to help his friend whom he loved

Taking no risks for the one whom had let him walk on water?

Taking no risks for the one who healed his mother-in-law?

Taking no risks for the one who gave him a new job, put him in a position of leadership

.. put him in charge of the group..

gave him special assignments

Showed him great Favor..

Answered all his questions during bible study

Took him special places..

The guilt must have been overwhelming..

You might be hiding overwhelming guilt this morning

Because you have not done something for God you promised you would do!

Because you have not kept your word

Because you feel like GOD has rejected you because of your behavior

You feel unworthy,


not needed,

like you have lost your place with God!

I want you to know this morning, that GOD is a restorer!

God is a healer!

Jeremiah 30:17

'For I will restore you to health And I will heal you of your wounds,' declares the LORD, 'Because they have called you an outcast, saying: "It is Zion; no one cares for her."'

God’s Love and Grace for you was never dependent on your actions

It is a gift!

You had to mess up in order to receive the gift!

If you had not failed in your pursuit of joy on your own

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