6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: Even the moral failures of all those involved could not stop God’s promise of blessing.

Genesis 27:41-28:9

September 7, 2003

Finish the story

Last week - the stealing of the blessing

This week - the aftermath

Esau is furious - threatens murder 41

Rebekah creates a second plot 42-46

Isaac blesses Jacob and sends him away 28:1-5

Esau - too little too late 6-9

1. We could speak of the consequences of sin

even for those under the promises of God, sin has consequences

2. We could speak of failure to learn from our mistakes

- Rebekah fails to learn from her manipulation

- Esau fails to learn from his sin

3. We need to speak of the same truth we learned last week.

When God chooses to bless nothing stands in His way

3-5 Isaac gives Jacob the covenant

6-9 Esau aligns himself with those outside of the covenant blessing

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