Summary: Christians died with Christ, therefore they live and will live with Christ on earth and forever!

If someone asks you, “where in the Bible does it say that the Gospel saves souls?”, which passage would you tell them??

Please open your Bibles to 1 Corinthians 15…..

Read along with me verses 1-6……………

Verses 3-6 of 1 Corinthians 15 tell us exactly what the Gospel is doesn’t it? How many of you believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ?? Hallelujah!

Now, if you believe in Jesus, you believe that Christ died for you. It was your sins and mine that Jesus died for on the cross, right? And so, If you are a Believer of Christ, you died with Christ! It was your personal sins and my personal sins that died on that cross with Jesus Christ!

Let’s learn more from the Letter to the Romans. Please open your Bibles to Romans 6. Before reading our text, let us pray our commitment to God’s Word…..

Romans 6:8-14…..

It is true of course and is very easy for us to say, “Jesus died on the cross for my sins!” But we must not stop there, should we? In actuality, we should not just say that statement! Why? - The death of Jesus Christ is meaningless unless He also rose from the dead! What good is a dead God? By the way, this is the major difference between Christianity and other faiths; only Christianity has a God who died and lived again!

Be confident! Be bold about your faith in Jesus Christ!

And so, as Christians we claim the truth from Romans 6:8; If we died with Christ, we will also live with Him!

What significant about this? Let me ask a couple of questions.

Is Jesus Christ alive forever??

If Jesus Christ is alive forever then those of us who believe in Him will live forever!

Think for a moment of the most beautiful thing you’ve seen here on earth…..

Whatever you thought of, multiple that 1000 times, that’s kind of like what you will have forever in Christ! Christians will live forever in paradise!

Now, what type of body does Jesus have for eternity??

If Jesus Christ has an imperishable, immortal body, we who believe in Him will have imperishable, immortal bodies!

And where does Jesus live??

If Jesus Christ lives in heaven, we who believe in Him will also live in heaven!

Why would one not want to believe in Jesus Christ?

If you are not a Believer of Christ, then you will not be living forever, you will be dying forever.

If you are not a Believer of Christ, you will not have an imperishable body but one that perishes eternally.

If you are not a Believer of Christ, you will not live in heaven but in a place called hell, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth forever.

If you have never done so, today is the day to believe in Jesus Christ!

Now for those of us who believe, look again at verse 10…

Jesus Christ is alive right now! And who does He live for??

Who should we live for? If we profess to believe in Jesus Christ, then we too should live for God!

Romans 6:11-14 tells us how to live for God:

v11a: count yourself dead to sin

Whenever you sense yourself in a sinful situation, tell yourself that sin is a death thing! Do you really want to live with dead things?

v11b: count yourself alive to God in Jesus

Try this exercise; at least once a day, take a really deep breath then exhale; whenever you do this, remember that God the Holy Spirit is within you!

v12: do not let sin reign in your body (always say no to sin)

How do we do this? Verse 13 tells us what not to do and what we are to do?

v13a: do not offer parts of our bodies to sin

Sounds simple?

What are we letting our eyes see?

What are our ears listening to?

What thoughts do we allow in our minds?

Where do we take our feet to?

What do we allow our hands to do?

v13b: parts of our bodies should be instruments for God

What does Jesus Christ see? See as Jesus sees!

What does Jesus listen to?

What does Jesus think about?

Where does Jesus go?

What does Jesus do with His hands?

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