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Summary: How God has blessed us with His heavenly blessings through Christ

Methodist Tamil Church


“Heavenly Blessings;” Eph. 1:3-14


In 1822 a boy was born to a Poor German Pastor. His name was Henry Celimann.

When he was 7 years old he was attracted by a drawing depicting “Troy City” was burning in fire.

He also believed that the novel “Iliad and Odyssey” was written based on the facts. So he decided to do find the city.

He found the city with the lots of treasures. He took them and became world rich man.

Context: Ephesian talks about the rich blessings of God. We need to find it. This letter is called the queen of the Epistles. Paul wrote this when he was in prison (3:1, 4:1). It has close connection with Colossians, more than 55 verses are verbatim in both. It is a circular letter of Paul to all Churches in Asia. Paul’s ministry at Ephesus is found in Ac 18:18-21.

1. We are chosen by God (1:3-6)

In Greek the verses 3-14 are long one sentence. It talks about the gifts after gifts and wonders after the wonders which came to the mind of Paul.

We are chosen by God. We did not choose him (Jn. 15:16). He loved us, he came to us, and he saved us. He picked us up. He healed us, he poured the oil upon us on the Jericho road (Lk. 19:10).

v. 3 All Blessings:

Temporal and Spiritual Blessings:

Material Blessings - Gen 24:35 (II Sam 6:11, Job 1:12)

Wisdom, Intelligence, Riches and Honor - I Ki 3:13 I will give you whatever you have not asked for.

Healing – I will take away the sickness from you all Ex 15:26, 23:25

Feeding everyday with finest of wheat and honey Ps. 81:16, Ex 23:26

Spiritual gifts and talents – Rom 12:6, I Cor. 4:7, 12:4, and Eph. 4:11

v. 4-6 Children: God wants us to be his children;

By Accepting: Jn. 1:12 those who believe in Him and accepted Him are the children of God.

By Testifying: Rm. 8: 14, 16 Spirit testifies that we are children of God.

By Sharing: His sufferings and glories. Rm. 8:17, Gal 3:29, Tit 3:7.

God never called us not to be slaves (Gal 4:7), not as servants, not as workers, not as disciples, not as friends, not as neighbors, but as Children. Children with freedom, children to enjoy the grace, full joy, heavenly blessings. What a lavished love that he called as Children of God (I Jn. 3:1)

Jesus called the disciples as ‘children do you have anything to eat’.

The lost son wanted to come back to his father’s house, because of his sinful behavior, because of his life and enmity with his father and brother; and the way he reacted to his father to part away with the property, he misused the rights. He went and spent his money with loafers, evil friends in drinking, eating and sleeping against the principles of his home and society. So he realized his sin and mistake and weaknesses, then he said I can’t demand the position which I have lost in my father’s house, because of my behavior and attitude. Now he says that I will be one among the slaves, servants, laborers but the father accepted him as the beloved son.

Absalom raised his hands against his God fearing and lovely father then he lost in the battles. He was killed mercilessly by the soldiers. David couldn’t do anything he simply cried my son, my son, it could have been good for me to die and you to live. David lost his son Absalom.

But God by his mercy and grace gave himself for us and redeemed us. He bestowed us with all the heavenly blessings which we are not at all worthy.

2. We are redeemed (1:7-10)

vv. 7-10 By God’s Grace:

Redeemed us through blood of Jesus. Blood is very precious, it has life, it cannot be produced without human body.

Jesus was born to redeem us from the clutches of Sin, Satan, diseases, debts, slavery, fear and etc., etc. He was called Jesus and Immanuel ( Mt 1:21). He promised to cover our sins ( Ps 32:1-2), He came to save the sinners ( I Tim 1:15), He gave us the redemption (Col 1:14, Heb. 9:22). Nothing could appease God, please God, nothing could bring God near to us except the blood of Jesus Christ.

Mt. 26:28 says: Jesus poured out his blood to redeem the numerous on the earth, Ac 20:28 says he bought the Church with his own blood,

Rom 5:9 says: we are justified by His blood, Heb. 9:14 says: “His blood cleanses from the conscience”, torturing memories, accusing spirit,

I Jn. 1:9 says: this blood cleanses from all our Sins. Sins in which you are struggling to overcome, to leave, to depart.

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