Summary: The plan which was planned by Satan of crucifying Jesus, the same plan was used in heaven to bring victory

God gave me a good thought about changing all evil in to good, and i am glad to share it with all the children of God. For thousands of thousands years Satan was fearful about a prophecy said by GOD about him.

Scripture says in Genesis 3:15 " I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel".

These words may have raised four questions in Satan's mind or God must have hidden these four facts to give us Victory

1st Who is the woman?

2nd Who is he (seed)?

3rd When it will happen?

4th How it will happen?

A similar verse can be seen in Psalm 91:13 where it says " Thou Shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet"

Do you know psalm 91 it the most familiar chapter for Satan ?

Because when Jesus fasting for forty days Satan specifically mentioned psalm 91:12, Because the next verse is the verse which was said in genesis. From Genesis 3:15 to psalm 91:12 there is no smiler verse about Satan's destruction. This is only reason Satan focus on psalm 91.

Lets go back to genesis;

As i said Satan had certain questions in mind in which first was who would be the woman? In that period the only woman whom Satan knew was eve.

After genesis 3:15 was said Satan started researching on the verse focusing on who will be the woman, finally coming to eve as she was the only woman in that period so he confirms that eve would be the woman and he closely watches her.

As eve gives birth to Cain, she says " I have gotten a man from the Lord(Genesis 4:1)" seeing this Satan imaging this man who is born may be the one who would bruise his head. Because the child's birth happened immediately after the prophecy.

Next plan of Satan was to make Cain a cursed person. and Cain was raised against killing able.

Satan decided Cain is not the one who will bruise his head as he become a cursed person.

After a long waiting finally again male child is born named "Moses", whom also Satan planned to kill as a child. He saw that Moses was preserved very carefully. so Satan thought Moses to be the one who will bruise his head.

From that day he continuously searching for the one who will destroy him as said in the prophecy. Finally Satan reads Psa 91.13 were his destruction was mentioned in future tense so he came to a conclusion that the person who will destroy him is not yet born.

years of years of waiting A child is born to a virgin (Mary). Again he planned to kill Jesus as soon as he is born. There were many signs that he was a person from God. From Jesus birth to death Satan was behind Jesus to kill him. Satan raised Gods own people against him, tempted him and many.....

Finally he raised a group of people (Gods own people) against Jesus to crucify Jesus. Satan thought he will destroy Jesus before Jesus bruises Satan's head.

Here we will see a hidden fact that even Satan did not knew.........

Satan thought he will win after crucifying Jesus Christ, but there was a great plan that was regarding Jesus in heaven. Shedding of Jesus blood was the only way to defeat Satan, which Satan knew not. suppose if Satan knew this mystery before hand he would have not raised the group against Jesus, rather he would have raised the same group saying not to crucify Jesus. Shedding of Jesus blood was to cleanse all sins in this world, which Satan did not know.

"The plan which was planned by Satan of crucifying Jesus, the same plan was used in heaven to bring victory"

Satan thought to win through Jesus death, but through the same death Jesus overcame Satan and got resurrected.

Dear brothers and sisters, whatever Satan plans evil against you in your life, Jesus is mighty enough to give you victory against all evil.

For example,In the book of Esther, when Haman planned to hang Mordecai on the same gallows Haman was hanged(Est 7:9,10)

Proverbs clearly says in 26:27 that "If a man digs a pit, he will fall into it; if a man rolls a stone, it will roll back on him"

Moral:- If we stand of God and do his will, walk in his way, God is mightiest to deliver you from all evil and give you VICTORY.


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