Summary: God planned that all nations would be under God. We are all brothers and sisters and need to start acting like it.

Who really founded North America? Did you know that every country in the world was ultimately founded by a descendant of Noah? Every person who ever lived since the flood ultimately comes from the Ark. Europeans, which we all are if we have white skin, came from the line of Japheth and it was the Europeans who founded Canada and America. Even the native people originally came from one of Noah’s son’s lines, and of course they were the first culture here in North America.

And believe it or not, the first Christian pilgrims as a whole actually got along very well with the native people. Pocohontas was even baptised, and the native people helped the Pilgrims learn to farm, and they celebrated Thanksgiving together. Oh how things changed over time.

Why did the Europeans come to settle here? Well, there may have been economic and political motives for some, but ultimately the pilgrims came and settled because they believed God told them to. They had a complete biblical worldview, they believed what Isaiah 33:22 said, that the Lord is our judge, lawgiver, and king. Our North American culture was founded on religion and morals, including in politics and law, through the constitutions.

They were cold and starving when the ships sailed off, they could have asked to go back to Europe but they wanted their religious freedom. Europe was doing what we have done in North America since, squeezing true Christianity out of the culture. The pilgrims believed they were on a mission from God to keep their religion alive.

The two best selling books in the American colonies in 1776 were the Bible and the New England Primer. Every first grader learned to read and write from this book, and it was completely biblical in its teaching. “A” was for Adam, the Ten Commandments were the main teaching, all the characters were from the Bible, the catechisms were memorized. Every University and Hospital was based on Christian pillars. The destruction of our Christian worldview started with changes in the schools and the area of law.

But Christianity has been slowly sucked out of all the aspects of our culture, much like what kept happening with the Israelites. Christian groups have continually split off to hold to these values, but inevitably, the “world” infiltrates and erodes the cultures that live for the true God.

There is much historical revisionism that has taken religion out of our history, and rewritten history in an effort to remove religion from North America, and the rest of western culture for that matter. You’ll notice that that is not the case in many eastern cultures where their religious traditions and worldview have held strong.

That is actually one of the reasons I believe in Jesus Christ, because no one has tried to eliminate a religion stronger than they have tried with Christianity, and yet it continues to thrive and be the largest religion in the world in spite of the huge opposition and persecution since day one.

So in a way, we came from an attempt to create a new society based on the living God and the Scriptures. Our culture doesn’t need to find God, we need to return to God, just like every other culture that has ever existed on earth. Just like the Jews were called to do over and over again in the Old Testament. This is our connection point to them.

Now let’s look at how this played out in the beginning in Genesis 10 starting with:

I. The Separation of the World’s People into Their Appointed Areas

This chapter is telling us about the generations of the sons of Noah. In essence each of these sons becomes a nation and there is a total of 70 nations which become all the nations of the world at the time, this being a number of completeness in the Hebrew tradition. I’ve included an insert that approximately summarizes what we know about the nations that came through these people. All people spread in all directions from these beginnings.

Next week we’ll look in detail at how God dispersed these people, but the main point is that it was God who did it because He wanted people to seek Him, not each other. In Acts 17 Luke is speaking to the Greeks and says:

“And he (God) made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place, 27 that they should seek God, in the hope that they might feel their way toward him and find him.” Kind of implying blindness.

It was God in his sovereignty who set people where he wanted them to be. Hear what it says in Deuteronomy chapter 32:

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Alannah Boisse

commented on Aug 25, 2011

I was introduced to Sean and his wonderful family while they were traveling through BC What struck me first and most strongly is the unity in their vehicle and the sunshine dancing through their eyes. God Bless as you drive among the provinces radiating Love!

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