Summary: Who are the "saints" we honor?

All Saints Day

Rev 21:1-8

Young boy and grandfather in large cathedral

Stained glass pictures

Pictures of Saints of the Church

“Oh…Saints are people the light shines through”

We hear “saints” we think of…


Perfect people

“Old” people

New Orleans football

People with halos in paintings

We are usually embarrassed when someone calls us “saint”

“All Saint’s Day” or “All Hallow; Day” was begun circa 700 AD

“Halloween,” the day of Druid worship of the dead, came first

Because of the Roman penchant for turning pagan days into Holy days (holidays)

“All Hallow’s Day” was set against the Druid feast

Figuring that two can play that game, “All Hallows Evening” later became “All Hallows E’n” and more recently, into “Halloween”

Originally, All Saint’s Day was to honor the martyrs that were not know to the church in general

Later, the dead of the church, whether martyred or not

You see, the early church thought of themselves as “saints”

ANYBODY that had been baptized was considered a “saint”

When Paul wrote, he used the word “saints” for the church

Today, we usually honor those that have gone before, and those still with us

All Saint’s Day was originally Nov, 1st.

Now the first Sunday in November

Some Protestants have a challenge honoring saints

This discomfort comes to the Protestant from the Romanic idea of canonization of, and praying to, the “Saints”

We do not vote to make anybody a saint

Neither do we pray to anybody but God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

We are all Saints

The “light of Christ” is supposed to shine through us

As it shines through those that have gone before us

As we commune with Christ today

And with the saints around the world

And with each other here

Let us also remember those that have gone before us

Parents and grandparents

Those that led us to Christ

Those that stood firm in the Reformation

Those that lived in the desert to get away from the things of the world

Those that stood firm before Nero, Caligula, Vespasian and Domitian

Those of all races and nations

Let us see them around us

Surrounding us

Cheering us on

What makes saints different?

We have a different leader

We follow Christ instead of the World

We are supposed to look differently

See differently

Act differently

Think differently

Behave differently

We are supposed to have Christ as our leader

As well as, living inside us

Saints are supposed to build up and not tear down

Stand with, and not fight with

Serve and not be waited on

Work and not be lazy

Lead and not follow

Support and not gossip

Praise and not attack

Pray and not worry

Each of these ideas is completely scriptural

Hebrews says we are surrounded by clouds of saints that have already conquered these things

We can too

What can we expect if we do?

In today’s scripture (Rev 21:1-6) John says we can expect

New Heaven and New Earth

New Jerusalem

God living with us and being our light

No more death, sorrow, crying or pain

Christ told John, “These words are true and faithful. It is done”

“(Those) that overcome shall inherit all things.”

“I will be their God and “(they) will be my (children)

Until that time, remember . . .

We are the hands, feet, ears and mouth of Jesus Christ

The “Body” of Christ

We are all “saints”

You, and you, and you are saints

If the light of Christ shines through you

Let the light of the SON shine through you

In God’s Name

Think about it

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Rev O. K. Neal

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