Summary: God’s Word satisfies every need you will ever have.

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November 7, 2010

Morning Worship

Text: Isaiah 55:1-13

Subject: An Invitation to Come to God

Title: All Who Are Thirsty

It is good to be back at home with God’s people. We enjoyed having Sunday morning off and appreciate Roy’s ministry and everyone who filled in for us. Thank you. While we were gone an amazing thing happened. Our newest granddaughter, Lily, who is now 2 ½ months old wasn’t sleeping well – only about 2 hours at a time. Since we left she has been sleeping 4 hours and then eating and then sleeping another 4 hours. I don’t know if we bored her that much or if our prayers for her while we held her made the difference – well I do know; God answered our prayers. Anyhow, it is good to be back.

I am excited about what the Lord is doing in the church, especially on Sunday nights. Our last three regular evening services have seen the Holy Spirit move in a wonderful way. We expect that to continue but even more we expect it to spill over into our Sunday morning services as well.

Let me ask a question this morning. What is God doing or at least trying to do in your life? I had something interesting happen to me this past week. It was in a dream, or at least in a near sleep state. A scripture passage came to me and for what seemed like hours I meditated on Romans 12:2. The funny thing is that it really wasn’t me meditating as much as it was the Lord taking me through that verse word by word and revealing to me what He intended for me to understand. I mean for those couple of hours I heard the Spirit’s voice inside of me and I sensed Him placing thoughts in my mind of things that I had never thought of before about that one simple verse.

Do you ever have anything like that happen? And then do you wonder why it happens? I think that the Lord was blessing me because of my love for His Word. He was revealing a familiar passage and unfolding it to me in a way that I had never thought of before. He was proving His word to be true, “Those who honor Me I will honor.” Because I love and honor His Word so much He chose to be true to that word and honor me by a night of revelation.

So now you think that we must be going to Romans 12:2 today. Initially I thought that was were we would be heading, but as I sat down to begin to prepare the sermon for this morning it became evident that He wanted me to go in a different direction. You see it wasn’t the passage that He wanted me to focus on, but the spirit through which the revelation came. It was my hunger and thirst for His Word that He was honoring. Turn to Isaiah chapter 55 this morning.

The prophet Amos wrote about a time when the word of God would no longer be a priority in the world. Amos 8:11-12, 11 “The days are coming,” declares the Sovereign LORD, “when I will send a famine through the land— not a famine of food or a thirst for water, but a famine of hearing the words of the LORD. 12 People will stagger from sea to sea and wander from north to east, searching for the word of the LORD, but they will not find it.

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